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  1. Applying for a job

    Ahh ok,thanks for that mate.
  2. Applying for a job

    Its Cameroon they have a full team.
  3. Applying for a job

    Nope its currently "No manager"
  4. Right, im not sure if Im being stupid here but an international job just became availible and I cant find the "apply for job" button anywhere. Thanks for any help guys, cheers
  5. man city in debt!!!

    The problem is, this is so unrealistic. City have arab owners, and arabs do not believe in lending money, so they will pay for it themselves or not at all
  6. Signing Lionel Messi

    I had to win the league 4 times with Man City, then offer him full wages signing on fee etc
  7. Can You Have A Son or Sons?

    There is a youth player in my team who shares the same surname and P.O.B so I effectively "adopted" him. And got onto his favourites so he looks like my son
  8. Be the chairman ?

    As much as its a silly idea now, I still have friends who say "why would you want to be manager you cant control the players". And I bet there was a time that people laughed about being a manager. Of course someones got to put a lot of ideas in though to make it worthwile.
  9. keirrison wp

    I think in England they need to have played 70% of there international games in the previous season (correct me if I am wrong)
  10. 140million Ronaldo. Didnt need any other players so spent my full budget on him.
  11. Made 1 signing this summer, Ronaldo 140mil. Lennon is 2nd choice, and Squilani has been replaced by a 19Year old (regen I think) called Allen. Now got 3 backups in Kompany, King, Squiliani
  12. If I paid 80mil for a player I would have him straight onto 5years
  13. Just finished my 4th season after 3days
  14. Just about to win the league with Akinfeev Richards Squillani(sp) Sakho Vargas Lennon Hamsik Silva Guardado Love Ballotelli