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  1. An anchor man will work in a 41212diamond formation. Surely!!!
  2. Hello, My thinking is to play extremely wide so there is more room for my fast strikers to exploit, and use an anchorman in order to stop balls being played through the middle when attacks break down. I am wondering in order to move the ball forward quickly do I need a deep lying playmaker?
  3. I am wedded to both anchorman and 41212 system. I will find a way :).
  4. HI All, Was wondering if anyone uses an anchorman in a 41212 formation? I am guessing it helps in being more defensively sound playing with more width and on the counter. Am using a very good specialist anchorman and the results are not great. Any tips on how to make this work would be appreciated. (legends database). Also what does the look for underlaps do in this instance?
  5. Hi All, I was wondering if you would use the overlap instruction in wingerless formations? i.e 5-3-2. I have noticed that the preset control possession tactic 5221 does not use exploit the middle and overlaps instructions. But rather leaving the empty. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. Iniesta as mezzala attack. Xavi deep lying playmaker support. Busquets as Half back. 2 Stoppers for CBS. Messi as false 9. 2 inside forwards on attack. Abidal wingback defend, Alves complete wingback support. Valdes as sweeper keeper.
  7. My interpretation is when the CBs (on stopper) charge out, the half back drops deeper to cover this.
  8. Hi All, Is the half back role to be used in conjunction with Stopper Center backs. Have found some success using Dier in this role with 2 stoppers in a 41212 formation. Let me know your thoughts!!!
  9. Hi all, I am struggling to implement a good 532 tactic with Tottenham. I wish to play through the middle but have more success from the flanks. Anybody have a good tactic they can share with me? Should you look for an overlap in this formation considering there is only one player assigned to the flanks? Any advice would be welcome.
  10. Would you search for an Overlap in this formation? Considering the control formation 5221 and the 41212 vertical tiki taka don't include overlaps?
  11. I am trying to play in a similar fashion but am unsure as to whether the wingbacks are the wide players and they are looking for someone to overlap them?
  12. Should you use 'look for overlaps' in this formation?
  13. Hi All, When should you use the overlap instruction in a 41212 formation? Exploit the middle look for overlaps? Does this mean it will look for a wingback running forward or...... Will the wingback be the one looking to pass to an overlap? Have tried and found best success with Not exploiting either the flanks or middle. I have Kane up front so do want some crosses going in. Any help would be appreciated
  14. What are the advantages of playing Carrellos in a 41212 formation?
  15. Hi All, Hope you can help me? Has anyone got a good defensive 41212 tactic? Wingbacks on defend with an anchor man. Also how best to utilize a mezzala in a more attacking variant of the formation?
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