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  1. Are you advising that an underlapping run is made from a movement behind the ball carrier/ wide player? Not as I have suggested that it may be a diagonal pass from e.g wingback to striker or inside forward?
  2. It is my understanding that a full back on attack will not be the underlapping player but would be instructed to look for an underlapping player the same as Foden is instructed to do
  3. Yes an advanced forward would in fact be optimal for the tactic.
  4. Thank you for your comments and yes I get a lot of what you are saying. But I think you have slightly misconstrued the specifics of what I have said. My understanding is that an underlapping run is anyone central making a run forward this could be an inverted fullback or a volante. This is essentially my question... will the 'look for underlap' instruction include those further vertically forward. In the instance of my tactic the left back and winger looking to play forward to a center forward. Instead of looking to make gains down the flank?
  5. I have been trying to figure out the specifics of an underlapping run for some time now. And would really appreciate any feed back to my questions below. In the below system who specifically is making an underlapping run? 1.) when the inside forward or winger has the ball and 2.) When the wingback or full back has the ball. My understanding is that the wide players... both wingbacks and wingers/inside forwards are looking to play the ball inside..... to anyone central.... This would include a Midfielder roaming forward from 'horizontally behind' the wide player,.. and also more forward pass to someone 'horizontally further forward' for example Winger/ Inside Forward to a striker ahead of them.
  6. Please if someone could take a look at this tactic. Good results however poor ratings for the Libero who is well suited to the role.
  7. Any suggestions to improve this tactic? The aim is to play mainly on the break with Bale (Made younger) and Son as inside forwards. I am using Extreme width to open the channels for them to run into, also a half back to provide cover for the wingbacks.
  8. Merry Christmas All, I am looking for help in my tactic, especially the defensive side. I am kind of tied to the low block/ regroup and want to get this working. The fluid counter preset includes counterpressing instruction yet has deep defensive line and LOE. Don't really understand this. What exactly does the regroup instruction do and how is this tied to the intensity of pressing and line of engagement?
  9. Thanks for your response. I am looking for a fast paced counter attacking system, I suppose a cross between Gegenpressing and fluid counter. With Son as the main outlet, I am playing wide as to stretch the ptich and make more space for a through ball to Son. AM I correct in this? I am guessing the regista is inpractical and yes the right back would be better on attack but neither Doherty or Aurier are good enough in my opinion. What would you change to get this tactic working better? Are my thoughts on underlap down the left correct? And help make space for Son and the mezzala? Also Looking for overlap on right is not typically counter attacking football I am guessing. Just finished the season 3rd in the prem and Uefa cup winners, so not too bad. Could do better though!! Please let me know your thoughts
  10. Hi All, I'm looking for help with the below tactic. In particular the underlap and overlap instructions. Who would be underlapping in this system? My thoughts are that all 3 players will be involved the mezzala, AF, and left wingback looking to focus play inside left channel? Any suggestions would be gratefully received
  11. Please can someone help me with this tactic. Trying to play mainly on the counter using a mezzala. Please take a look below :).
  12. In this formation 41212 diamond who are the overlapping players? The wingbacks? or are the wingbacks looking for an overlapping player?
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