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  1. Hi all, I am trying to play possession based football with wingers and a regista with average results with an excellent team. Any advice on the below tactic would be appreciated :).
  2. Is it a good idea to use a half back and 2 stoppers in a 451 formation? The half back providing cover and the 2 CBS pressing and winning headers?
  3. Why not I'm passing into space! Are you recommending I play with a wingback???? Defend or Attack??? Greenwood is not a pressing forward!!!
  4. Yeah true just checked Shaw... fairly solid full back Am I correct in saying you would put the SV on the same side as the winger? ( I am playing a winger on the right and an inside forward on the left.) The overall tactic, I am looking for a swift attacking/ counter attacking system. Any tweeks you would recommend?
  5. Hi all, I am currently managing Man Utd and using a SV coupled with an anchor man. What side is optimal for the SV..... The same side as the winger or the same side as the inside forward ( currently using). Left back is weak so was thinking of swapping sides of Anchor Man and SV. Please let me now your thoughts.
  6. I have got the flat 433 to work well. The front 3 will work as is, however I can see though that this tactics is very flawed in other areas. I believe the half back works best if the defenders are set to stoppers, especially if counter pressing.? I would move Tollisso to CM Defend and use 2 mezzalas on support, fullbacks on support. Or another set up would be *2 carilerro's (Goretzka and Tollisso) on either side of an advanced playmaker support ( Thiago), wingbacks on support, 2 CBS and the front 3 as is. Possession football is best suited to positive mentality and to counter-pr
  7. A Carrilero I believe behaves like a central midfielder support but offers more cover down the flanks. The box to box midfielder can roam from position and has to get from box to box quickly hence the demand for good physical attributes.
  8. 'Yes and no' I agree. I agree though that the game is versatile enough to get different styles going on each of the mentality settings and is a guide. But for best results I do think that the attacking should be Counterpress and Counter, Positive works best with just counterpress, and cautious, balanced best with just counter or no transition TI's. Let me know your thoughts pls
  9. I think the attacking mentality works best, with counter and counterpress in transition. This is because the attacking capabilities of the team lie in top half of the pitch. The team is good enough to play positive and possession football but feel this formation 4231 deep works best as Keane and Scholes are ageing (in this save) and cannot dominate the central midfield as well as before. Also I exploits the flanks as the middle of the field is not occupied. I feel possession based football works better without the counter TI. Inside forwards on flanks to secure domination in the middle an
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