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  1. Are you sure it wasn't a minimum release clause? Kind of related to this, for the first time ever in my 20 years playing this game, last week my team bought a player without any knowledge or permission from me whatsoever. Fortunately the kid is a stud.
  2. This has nothing on the Coach advice "Transfer list player, not needed" followed like a week later with same coach saying "Remove player from Transfer list, has no business being there". It is 50-50 most of the time. Sometimes I get great advice like "offer player new contract" right before the player comes asking for it. I like that. What I don't like is coaches telling me who and who not to transfer list. If I put someone on the TL, I don't want questioned. Coaches have no clue what you are trying to do.
  3. Although I enjoyed the Russian save I did, I couldn't stand the lack of games. The season is so short and the offseason's long. I did Chile right after and became addicted to it for many years. Tons of games but not the silly amount like Brazil. Rosters were manageable. Rules a little tough to negotiate with youth on team but the challenge was fun. Problem was, you can only do so much with a great team. I think I prefer Spain and Italy as a balance of the two. (Just adding that I've also played Scotland, England and Germany and had fun with all of them).
  4. Not just on crosses for me. I've had my center mids do what looks like a 5 second wind up so as to deliver the most block worthy shot in recorded history. Naturally, the ball ricochets back to the other side of the pitch where a forward goes in uncontested. You would have to be legally blind to actually go forward with the attempt yet they do 10-15 times a game.
  5. Odd it doesn't give you a reason. I wonder if it is in process but not saying it. I had one of my players be in process for over a month in Spain. Drove me crazy as I was waiting to sign my 3rd non EU.
  6. Echoing the two previous posts. I feel like the hundreds of little decisions that you make being an experienced player of this game should lead you to success. However, if you truly took on a squad that does not have the resources of the big boys, and force yourself to try and develop a team with youth and not just buying expensive experienced players, you may find it hard to keep your spot at the top. I was having consistent success in Chile with a non-top tier team, winning almost everything, so I added a couple leagues and eventually got a job offer for Valencia. The team was riddled with extremely expensive and worthless older players and I promised in the job interview to develop youth. In year 2 I won the league and went far in the Champions Cup. However, in year 3, with the team now strongly converted to younger players, I am barely able to stay in the top 6. So basically, force yourself to make it more challenging but don't be surprised with the vast experience you have with the game, that you do well. You should!
  7. This x1000. I took over a team that clearly had been managed by a total moron who signed a bunch of 32+ players to huge numbers. You literally can't set a transfer price low enough. Sure I get teams that offer for them, but none of these overpaid clowns ever accept any offers and just sit on my payroll not playing. I'm finally about to wrap up a season where 3 of their ridiculous contracts will end. Can't wait to see what salary they will get once I cut them into the FA market. My guess is 1/5th of what they are robbing me of.
  8. I went from Russia to Chile and was absolutely stunned at how many more games you get to play in a season. Could never go back now.
  9. Just came off a 36 game win streak. I play league, country cup and nation cup tournaments. I have 2 of every position with clear #1s for each. I split the squad for each match so that it is a rotating mix of the 1s and 2s unless it is the championship game in a tourney. I usually have 3 or so other players who are backups capable of playing 3 positions minimal. They get to play when there are injuries or someone gets suspended or goes through a cold spell. I've never had complaints about playing time through 9 seasons. In season big injuries, unexpected transfers out (due to min. release clauses) or waiting for an aging player to finish out their last contract year means loan players are brought in. Like sporadicsmiles, I know about a year in advance exactly what I will be filling and never over-sign.
  10. When I started this game, I chose a team in Chile, Antofagasta. Despite them barely having any coaches, no head of youth development, a sparse youth program, I had 2 absolute studs. One was pried away from me after 2 seasons for millions, the other has been my starting GK for 8 seasons. Not one time since have I ever had a prospect that had star potential past 3 and I've only had a couple 3s. I have a wealthy youth program, great head of youth development and nada. Every year I have to go and buy my competitors more promising youth prospects in order to have kids to grow into starters as I release all of my players when they hit 20. In previous versions of the game, I would, about every other year, have at least one kid that my coaches would tell me had high level potential. I get none of those messages now. Every season a new batch of losers.
  11. I've got a follow-up question, if you say you are giving them the day off, does the game automatically do it? I've been saying it for years but I've never actually done anything. Maybe I have a career in politics if it doesn't.
  12. Been having quite a problem lately. Team rep is outstanding, I'm a Copa Liberatore winner, and I like to carry about 4 or 5 Foreign players each season. My scouts are solid, especially for the Chilean league that I play (odd choice I know, did it at random even though I'm not remotely Chilean). One huge problem has arisen. First you haggle with teams to get to terms to try to sign a player, then they ask for promises and waste more time in transfer windows, then you get to the contract negotiation and WHAMMO, although your scouts told you they would want like $250-300K, they consistently ask for double minimum and are totally insulted with your opening offer that was at the high point of the window your scout told you and, BTW, already more than double what they were making in their current contract that doesn't expire for another 2 years. What bothers me is this, it is NEVER in your favor. Scouts never overestimate what a player would want and almost never get it right. Why would the game engine do this? It wastes so much time, since I sequence offers to avoid getting 2 of a position I only need one of.
  13. Fair enough. Maybe the option to say "do any of you realize that I just got an absolute BOATLOAD of cash for this guy I paid practically nothing for 3 years ago? I'm going to the beaches in Thailand for a week while you all sit around complaining".
  14. Somewhat related to this, my team keeps getting mad at me when players with minimum release clauses have them met and they get scooped up by much bigger teams with huge budgets. Yet, I have no option to tell them that is what happened and they act like I willingly got rid of my best players. Actually, what gets funny about this is when I lose these high level guys, the team gets mad and says I don't have enough depth in that position. Hey guys, do you realize you just totally insulted the guys who are still here in that position who were outplaying that big reputation guy? Even funnier, those guys in that position who will only get more playing time AGREE that there isn't enough depth. ha ha ha...
  15. @Showerman Looks like we are pretty similar, biggest difference being your decent number of Strikers when I only have 3 since I typically use a 1 AF formation. Makes me feel better.
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