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  1. I think I might take a break from my United save, and try out a new team for a while. I'll probably come back to it soon though
  2. An unbeaten season, good stuff...just the CL final to come at Old Trafford against Liverpool
  3. No current philosophies and no current investement...let's see how this plays out
  4. Transfer embargo enforced...changes are afoot!
  5. The game is afoot, let's see what happens
  6. Got an interesting question from my tunnel interview before my Carabao Cup 4th round game against Liverpool...apparently, Avram Glazer might be interested in selling up! Interesting times ahead
  7. Start of the 2022/23 season, annoyingly lost the Community Shield to Liverpool but my start to the league has made up for that Absolutely steamrolling everyone in sight. Here's the squad: As you can see, not many changes, defo relying more on youth prospects for backups...here are my two potential five-star youngsters: As for transfers, only one signing and a bit of trimming: Martial, Pereira, Fosu-Mensah and Tuanzebe all gone, and one world-class midfielder in their place: Mandragora from Dortmund. Managed to keep hold of De Ligt, Pavard and Saul who were all sought after in the summer Let's see if my good form lasts. One more note: Paul Pogba is no longer my captain, it was recommended I switch it up. My new captain? None other than Kieran Tiernay...yup the young left-back we purchased from Celtic right at the start is now leading the squad, having previously been vice-captain. The new vice-captain is my other midfield general Saul
  8. Thanks to winning the league for the 4th straight season, my confidence is at 59% so I'm secure, but that 0% happiness with the Champions League result sticks out, they expected me to reach the Final at least
  9. I literally could not believe what was happening...and was I suppose my penance for asking if anyone had turned a 2-0 first leg loss at home into a second leg victory. The game obviously decided it needed to happen to me
  10. A season that promised so much silverware (even after winning the Community Shield, Club World Cup and EURO Super Cup) has turned out to be more disappointing than I could have ever expected Carabao Cup - Knocked out in Quarters by Spurs Knocked out of the Champions League by KRC Genk in the First Knockout Round on away goals - I was...I have no words...we won the first leg 2-0 away from home...and then, I think I must have got cocky playing a slightly weakened team in the second leg, but Genk didn't care and proceeded to beat me 4-2 at Old Trafford in my most humiliating loss so far And just now, knocked out of the FA Cup 6th round by Boro I don't even know if winning the League (which we are on course to do) will satisfy me this season And I'm getting reports every match of how my centre-back pairing (De Ligt and Pavard) are being scouted (PSG and Madrid respectively)...De Ligt won't sign a new deal due to their interest and Pavard's only recently signed a deal so he's not coming back to the table any time soon
  11. Yeah I have Pogba as a BBM in a 2-man central mid pairing, either accompanied by two wide mids or behind three attacking mids. You just can't give him space outside the box or he will punish you. Most of his goals for me are long-rangers or free kicks, and he is more often than not in the top 2 of my top goalscorers over a season, and voted World Player of the Year last year
  12. Sooooooooooooooooooo, I'm sure everyone has heard what happened Wednesday night. I am still BUZZING from it! So quick question...has anyone here done what happened, lost the first leg at home by two goals or more then gone on to win the tie in the 2nd leg?
  13. Paul Pogba show mercy on these fools! 7 goals so far, and we're only 3 games in plus the Community Shield
  14. Or as I decided to term it, the Paul Pogba Demolition Derby. Seriously, you do NOT give Pogba the chance to shoot from 20/25 yards out or he'll make you pay. All three of his goals were long-range efforts. And props to Sancho for scoring on his debut/return to English football
  15. Only just started that at this current point in time, along with a few others in my squad
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