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  1. The best player I have managed on this years game was as a Trequartista - Alejandro Goméz at Atalanta. Played him on the wide left as one and he just dominated games so often for me. Not tried one as a ST on this years game though. Note: He will track back and work a lot less than say a IF (S), so even though on a attack he may act somewhat like a support player, defensively he will not.
  2. Milner often plays as a carillero on the left of a midfield 3. When Robbo runs on he always takes up that lateral space down the sides. Fabinho is either a DM(S) or probably a DLP (D), he's not simply a sitter but someone who moves forward to meet the ball and play progressive passes, as well as dropping back when required. Wijnaldum would be a CM(S) for my money, he takes part in every aspect of the game but probably isn't as dynamic as a true BBM. You could try him as either. Henderson is probably the same since his transition from the defensive spot that Fabinho has now taken. Both Keita and Ox may be worth having in as an attack role, as they are often based a bit further forward of the 3. Try a CM (A) or MEZ (A).
  3. Looks ok to me. I'd want a bit more variation in attack though. Personally I would make Aspas on attack to take advantage of his finishing and then make Junca a WB (a). I'm always a fan of having one side with the wing back on attack and an IF (s) and then switching it for the other side, especially as you have Beltran on defensive duty to cover the wing back. Tends to make your attack more dynamic. You may want to have a different approach at home, as Celta are a decent team and I suspect the lower sides will sit off you.
  4. Yep agree with all of these suggestions. Big fan of Conte as well. My suggestion would be turning your most attacking full back into a WB(a) and on the other side of the midfield bumping the BBM forward to a Mezalla. At home you may find yourself too passive, so perhaps push forward your line of engagement and increase to more urgent pressing. I'd also consider having counter-press on too. Interested to see how far you get with it! Would love to see if you could win the Serie A in 2 seasons. Good luck.
  5. I thought I'd just chime in with my thoughts. I'm playing on the updated database with Bolton, and thought I'd turn to Mr Simeone to provide me with the inspiration. My reasoning being that I'd need to punch above my weight and an organised defensive approach would be a good start. I've tried to do a (mostly) faithful recreation of Diego's tactics at Atletico - but like with everthing, I've had to adapt it to the players I have available to me. I have a home set up, which is either a 4-4-1-1 or a 4-4-2 on balanced mentality. My away tactic is a 4-4-2-0 to simulate how Simeone's side play against the big teams in Europe. Been tinkering with OIs to try and emulate the wonderful balance between pressing and sitting that ATM do. Mixed bag so far. 3 wins, 2 draws, 6 losses. I've largely been hamstrung by how young the squad is, and how little quality there is. Takeover happened after the end of the transfer window, and so I wasn't able to bring anyone in bar a few youngsters from Premier League clubs where I don't have to play their wages. The biggest issue remains the defence, where I have two youth players who are probably non-league standard in centre half. Quite simply I just don't have the mental attributes available for this style of play. Will be sticking with it though, and seeing if I can keep them up!
  6. Try adjusting your defending width to "wide". This will cause your defence to shuffle out closer to those in wider positions. If their wide players are caught further up pitch, maybe try distributing quicker and more direct from your goalkeeper. Distributing to the flanks or to a target man might allow you to counter before their full backs have time to get back.
  7. If you would like to post a screenshot of the rest of your players and the tactic you're running then we can offer a few suggestions of changes. A lot depends on your style of play, and the players you have available to you. The three "playmaker" roles in the AMC slot are Enganche, AD Playmaker and Trequartista, and all can work in different situations.
  8. @Experienced Defender As always has you covered for a good in-depth breakdown of an example of changes to your tactic. One thing that is worth keeping in mind (it's something that has become very apparent in this years FM) is that passing directness and width are important to get right. The wider your tactic, the further your players are positioned from each other, and thus players have to pass in a more direct fashion to reach the same players as you would in a narrow tactic.
  9. For me, the number one attribute I always look out for any forward or attacking player is Off The Ball - I've always considered in to be a pseudo "attacking intelligence" stat.
  10. Have a look at this if you're interested in Ajax emulations: https://dictatethegame.com/2019/04/22/amazing-ajax/ That being said, it's not very easy to replicate Frenkie's exact role in game. My suggestion would be to have a player in the DM (CL) position as a DLP (S) or a RPM, and with the "comes deep to get the ball" trait.
  11. Big fan of doing this, and I think aside from PIs or a new role in the game, it's the best option for what you're trying to achieve. How's this going for you? Looks decent. Have you tried making the width wider?
  12. Good luck mate! Don't give up, just keep tweaking if you can. The Catennaccio is a tricky beast, and the default TIs from it are effective defensively but not going forward. It's worth remembering that Herrera's Inter had a plan going forward too, it wasn't simply all defending.
  13. @Experienced Defender goes through a lot of good stuff to be honest, but I thought I'd share a little insight on a Catenaccio I had working earlier in this year's game. I found partnering a higher defensive line with a lower LOE work really well at clogging up the middle of the pitch, and then used a covering defender in the middle of the three to compensate. I'd also up the tempo to either the default level or perhaps higher. Slower tempo affects not only the pace at which you pass, but also how quickly players move between phases forward - you're not going to be scoring very often with patient build up, at least this way you can get the ball up to the top two as soon as possible and play off of them. Definitely go for "play for set pieces". You have three CBs and a TM - likelyhood is that you're going to be dominant aerially against many teams. I don't know how good your corner/free kick takers are, but having someone who's good at both is a must if you're going to play this way. I'd move the DLP to the DM strata, and push your DM forward as a CM/s or maybe even CM/d. This is just my own preference, but with these types of tactics and a direct style of play, having a playmaker further back with good passing can mean them acting as a pseudo quarterback and gives the CBs someone who they can easily recycle the ball to. The CM/S would threaten the opposition box with more energy, while still getting back to defend. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Good luck!
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