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  1. Have a look at this if you're interested in Ajax emulations: https://dictatethegame.com/2019/04/22/amazing-ajax/ That being said, it's not very easy to replicate Frenkie's exact role in game. My suggestion would be to have a player in the DM (CL) position as a DLP (S) or a RPM, and with the "comes deep to get the ball" trait.
  2. Big fan of doing this, and I think aside from PIs or a new role in the game, it's the best option for what you're trying to achieve. How's this going for you? Looks decent. Have you tried making the width wider?
  3. Good luck mate! Don't give up, just keep tweaking if you can. The Catennaccio is a tricky beast, and the default TIs from it are effective defensively but not going forward. It's worth remembering that Herrera's Inter had a plan going forward too, it wasn't simply all defending.
  4. @Experienced Defender goes through a lot of good stuff to be honest, but I thought I'd share a little insight on a Catenaccio I had working earlier in this year's game. I found partnering a higher defensive line with a lower LOE work really well at clogging up the middle of the pitch, and then used a covering defender in the middle of the three to compensate. I'd also up the tempo to either the default level or perhaps higher. Slower tempo affects not only the pace at which you pass, but also how quickly players move between phases forward - you're not going to be scoring very often with patient build up, at least this way you can get the ball up to the top two as soon as possible and play off of them. Definitely go for "play for set pieces". You have three CBs and a TM - likelyhood is that you're going to be dominant aerially against many teams. I don't know how good your corner/free kick takers are, but having someone who's good at both is a must if you're going to play this way. I'd move the DLP to the DM strata, and push your DM forward as a CM/s or maybe even CM/d. This is just my own preference, but with these types of tactics and a direct style of play, having a playmaker further back with good passing can mean them acting as a pseudo quarterback and gives the CBs someone who they can easily recycle the ball to. The CM/S would threaten the opposition box with more energy, while still getting back to defend. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Good luck!
  5. To be honest your tactic looks pretty good. I don't know how far you are through the season but if you make a lot of changes to your squad like you have, it does take a while for everyone to get used to the way you play and each other as team-mates. One thing that might be worth changing is "work into box". I find that that TI is sometimes a bit of a trap, particularly if you're struggling to score goals. Looking at the average ratings of your players, there don't seem to be too many playing poorly. Maddison is on a 6.74 - perhaps tweaking his role and trying something different might be worthwhile? Good luck.
  6. Just a quick question here that has arisen from my latest tactic I've been building. I know that when you use the TIs to exploit the two flanks, it increases the mentalities of the players situated there, e.g. full backs, wingers etc. If for example I set my team up in a traditional 3-5-2 with WBs, will this team instruction affect my lateral CBs and CMs in the same way?
  7. Really interesting tactic. I normally shy away from 'possession' tactics on FM so my attempts to create one in this years game have been dreadful, and I've struggled to balance chance creation with keeping the ball regularly. I'll give this a go though in a save. How did moving the wide midfielders to WBs work?
  8. Good work mate! I always love recreating Simeone's teams on my FM saves, so it's cool to see other people doing it and having it working. I'll happily give it a go, but to be honest it doesn't look too different to mine, though I am running a 4-4-1-1 shape.
  9. Love it mate. Play a similar tactic to this but the midfielders are as IWs on the sides. Can't beat a bit of juicy direct football.
  10. Yeah I can only echo what the others have said so far. I would stretch to say that 'Inverting the Pyramid' is an essential read for anyone interested in the history of football tactics.
  11. Looking forward to it mate! Been trying to emulate Simeone with a 4-4-1-1 on this years game and it's going fairly well.
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