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  1. Hey @Timo61, great stuff. EDIT: Don't worry, sorted it. Was some pesky conflicting editor data files.
  2. Slightly bizarre situation where the board have asked to discuss my future despite being top of the league at the board rating my performance as a 'C' and satisfactory. Expectation from the board is the finish in the playoffs and we currently sit 1st. We haven't won in 6 (3 losses), but it seems very weird that they'd be looking to discuss my future despite competition overperformance. Saved the file pre-meeting, attended the meeting and made some excuse and the response was 'we need tangible proof in the table'. I then said I had the backing of the players (I do, they even mention it in my job summary as a pleasing factor of my performance) and they sacked me. Name of the save I uploaded was atlético b.fm Cheers.
  3. Yep, completely impossible in the current edition of FM. I even tried it using the Libero exploit (where you could get your side CBs to play as Liberos and it still was nowhere near.
  4. Nuneaton Town Season 2023/24 Season Review - Table - Transfers - Finances - Profile - Squad Promotion! Felt like a real slog to be honest, as multiple postponements for waterlogged pitches, cup replays, international call ups meant we were never comfortably in the top 3 due to usually having about 3/4 games in hand. We did the double over champions Plymouth but finishing above them seemed unlikely all season. We took Cardiff to a replay in the 4th round of the FA cup but they eventually got us 3-2. Next season I'm more than happy for all my transfer budget to go onto sorting this pitch - if we're behind and struggling with postponements in the league above we could be in trouble. Same level as Coventry next season which means no more free loans... Still nothing from the youth academy though - the board keep batting away any requests for training or youth facilities, but I have managed to get them to raise the junior coaching and youth recruitment.
  5. Not sure about lower levels but my observations suggest that vertical compactness in general is less important on this years' game.
  6. Really enjoying this @crusadertsar. My take on Bielsa has always been minimal TIs, a similar tactical shape but playing on 'overload' or 'very attacking' so I'm glad we have similar ideas but different execution. Also thank you for reminding me how sexy that Sociedad team and Oyarzábal are - I've never had the money to get him. Very nice.
  7. Dropping the mentality a bit is not a bad idea away from home.
  8. Beautiful! I love my Heffem skin but I think I'll give this one a try.
  9. Maybe get the CBs to take fewer risks? Occassionally your CBs (especially if they aren't great and you're getting pressed high) will just lump it. As said earlier I don't like regroup - with possession based formations and teams that tend to attack through the middle, counter-pressing is very effective. For example if your AM loses the ball you will have a lot of players in that area to win it back. I don't like the AM (S) there. You have a DLF (S) ahead and 3 midfielders behind him so I'd like an attack role there. I'd try either a Treq or SS there as they are extremely aggressive either with the ball and it's roaming or with the SS's runs into the box. Good luck, it's a good formation in my opinion.
  10. Although Atleti are great on the counter, a good 1/3 of the games you're going to play will be against teams who just sit back and you need to find a way to break them down. 1. Lower DL and LOE is fine at the Bernabeu and the Camp Nou but you'll cede too much of the ball against the weaker teams 2. Not a fan of only having one attack duty. I'd make Lodi a WB (A) and Correa a W (A). Trippier as a FB (S) behind and get him to 'cross from deep' 3. Lemar may be left footed but on my Atletico save he was probably my best player cutting in from the left as a WP. You could give that or a IW a go to make space for Lodi going forward. 4. With Lodi going forward you might want Trippier to be a bit safer - I'd try him as FB (S) and cross from deep. 5. If you want to funnel the ball through Saul and Koke a lot I'd change them to roles that naturally attract passes more. All of the playmaker roles tend to be ball magnets rather than standard CMs. Maybe Koke as DLP (D) and Saul as AP (s)? Two playmakers next to each other doesn't always work but might be worth a go. Just some thoughts, feel free to discount them. I made a reasonable Simeone 4-4-2 in the Beta with some of these features.
  11. It's not bad at all mate. First thoughts would be that with that shape and a strong team you can afford to up the mentality to positive, or maybe attacking at home; especially as you don't have any 'exploit middle/right/left' or 'overlap/underlap' instructions. Aside from that my two thoughts would be: 1. Width. You're now one of the big boys, teams will defend compactly and deep against you. You have a narrow TI, both of your wide players are sitting narrow and your sole attacking width will be from your left back. It's not a bad idea having one full back very offensive and the other one sitting in but it will limit your wide attacking options. 2. F9 is a decent option with two wide players on attacking duty, but I'd also like a third player from a deeper position running forward. Maybe it's worth having a play around with a MEZ or CM on attack in that right midfield slot. You have a FB (S) on that side so you should be fine defensively. Just some suggestions, good luck.
  12. Looking forward to managing my university in tier 11. Good work, mate.
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