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  1. Yes i feel that the game evens itself out...ive played many seasons now with my Liverpool save and i am always always drawn against the big boys in the 3rd rd of the League cup/ Fa cup,im usually always drawn against premier opposition.
  2. Cfcx instead of asking why dont you just pick the tactic and see? There is no fortune tellers here mate. You have to use a tactic anyway so may as well try it. Its a great tactic you should do well.
  3. Fantastic tactic!!!! I created a 4-3-3 myself when the game was first originally released and won the league,various cups etc with Liverpool..didnt like the set up i had though despite winning..changed to your tactic and it seems you have all the player roles bob on,i havent conceded in 20 games..all competitions. Im Liverpool btw. Great work!!!
  4. finestmeat

    How involved do you get?

    Seems to me that `Football Manager` is not your kind of game...
  5. Managing Roma,having won my previous 5 games in the Champions league group stage i had no doubt already qualified,therefore in my last remaining game i fielded a team of back ups and youngsters and lost 2-0. The press?...`the loss leaves me CLINGING on to my aim of a semi final finish`. Clinging on? Ive already qualified havent i???
  6. finestmeat

    Metal_Guitarist's FM10 Update

    Is this update for the 10.3 update? As i am still using the 10.2 update....
  7. Well without knowing that he was edited...i would personally of said no,not edited. The game is now well known to produce excellent over the top turkish players. I have a turkish regen in my Roma side that has very similar stats to the above player. Just this season 2026 in my save,bought a 19 year old Turk that has CA of 170,PA of 192..bought him for £61million. High price to pay? Well you`ll get 10 years out of him
  8. finestmeat

    Is Messi being greedy?!?

    Jay.uk have you read about Messi`s upbringing? I am not having a go here really,look him up it is actually an interesting read. Barcelona have paid for all his expenses since he was a little boy growing up in Argentina,they paid for everything,gave his family gifts etc...they even bought him `growth tablets`..i dont know the exact name but yeah....he owes Barcelona big time,he`ll never leave.Irl anyway.
  9. finestmeat

    Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  10. Did you find that despite being a world class team your top players requested to leave to bigger clubs? As its the Dutch league? I would quite like to start a career with Ajax.
  11. finestmeat

    April Fools

    Off topic,but Phil Pierce,i am aware that others do too but why did you feel the need to mask your name? It is not as if we could use it to discover your visa credit card pin number.
  12. finestmeat

    April Fools

    Thebag love the skin you have there,whats the name of that skin?
  13. finestmeat

    Is this realistic guys?

    So would you like to lose alot of games for your game to be more realistic? Do whatever it takes to survive/win promotion/cups...
  14. finestmeat

    Do you Play FM at Work?

    Off topic but i always book afew days off work when the next new version of footy manager has been released.
  15. One of my regens is world class,but he just can not settle into the area,i have given him `leave of absence` three times now and he is still unhappy..despite this i still played him as his stats where brilliant..but it didnt matter,he just would not score,while my 33 year old striker that is half the regens stats piles them in..now i`ll never play an unsettled player ever again.