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  1. You are describing the tactics the program uses to put a team into bad form: passes go directly to the opposition, shots go wide or frequently hit the post/cross bar, and deflections off your defenders go directly to the opposition. It’s built into the program and happens to every team to some extent. It sounds like the program hit you particularly hard by forcing you into a long losing streak. There isn’t really anything you can do about it because it isn’t a result of anything you’ve done. You just have to wait it out. It will eventually end and your players will suddenly remember how to play football again. The forced run of bad form is a good time to give playing time to your backups and young prospects. At least your first team will be rested and healthy when the program releases you from the bad form.
  2. My Dulwich Hamlet team won promotion to the Vanarama National League. Most of the other clubs at the National level are fully professional while we are semi pro with part time players. How do I change my club to professional in Touch? Our budget is large enough to do it, but there is no option to request the board make the change.
  3. I use a 4-2-4 WB wide. It works great with low level untalented teams. With it I took Notts County to the Premier League in back to back to back promotions, and Hamilton Academical to the Champions League in my second season there. As others said, it requires midfielders who can mark and tackle. The winger/IF combo works best when they have good pace. At forward I’ve had success with target man & pressing forward combinations. In most matches the system results in 20+ shots, about half on target, and 2 to 5 goals. Usually about 55% possession. Surprisingly the defense gives up very little.
  4. This is another one from earlier in the season. 38 shots, 0 goals. Lost 1-0. Most of the season we scored fine (we won the league to earn automatic promotion) but in these few weird games we couldn’t get the ball in the net. Not the worst problem to have, just weird.
  5. No, actually we send loads of crosses into the box and the majority of shots are point blank.
  6. We outshot Dartford 40 to 11. 40 shots! We must’ve scored a lot, right? No. Just 1 goal. We lost 5-1. I’m willing to bet that in the history of professional football, no team has ever outshot the other by 29 and lost by a dismal result like 5-1. Has anyone had a more wacko result than this? It would be funny to collect the really crazy ones.
  7. At the end of a recent match I checked match stats to see how many offsides there were (the match was a long series of offside whistles). The stats said 5 for us and 6 for the other team. I knew that had to be wrong. So I looked at the match report and counted all of the offsides recorded there. I found 11 in the second half and zero in the first half. From watching the match I know there were offsides in the first half. Maybe this is part of the reason the programmers think there aren’t too many offsides in the game ... they are only counting half of them.
  8. I started an MLS save. I created a new team in Tampa, replacing Orlando. The club doesn’t have a reserve squad, U23 squad, U18 squad or anything but the senior squad. I think it’s the same for all MLS clubs (not certain). So how do you keep your second team match sharp and get match experience for young players? I loaned out a couple of kids, but I need to keep some reserves on hand obviously. There are no mid-week matches scheduled in the first few months, so there is no obvious opportunity to rotate the players either. Any ideas from experienced MLS managers?
  9. The program puts every human-managed team into an “out of form” period every year. There’s not much you can do about it. Usually happens in December or January (or both). When your team is out of form 3 things happen: your players pass the ball directly to the other team often, deflections off your defenders almost always go to the other team, and your forwards will be offside a lot. Makes it very hard to score, obviously. When your team stops making these stupid mistakes, you know the program has released you from the bad period.
  10. Finished second with Hamilton and played in the Euro Cup. A decent run made the team good money and we now have $9 million in the bank. We’re also in 2nd again this season. The board should be happy, right? They say they are, but my contract is expiring and they are being cheap. My current salary is $120,000 and they only offered a raise to $150,000. I countered with $300k because I’ve been offered more than $500k by other clubs this season. The club says that’s too much. There are many flaws in the game, and moronic boards are one of the big ones. They don’t like success! They want to return to being a crappy money-losing zero of a club. Fine with me ... the Scottish league is a bit too screwed up for my taste anyway.
  11. First international break since reporting this ... I didn’t rest my players, just to see what would happen. A few days into the break I got the message I was sure was coming. Training during international breaks in FM must be the most dangerous job in the world! On the bright side, Ennis was the only casualty of this international break. Highly unusual to only have one injury but I’ll take it.
  12. Thanks for your response, but saying that a player can’t unlearn “likes to try to beat offside trap” is unrealistic. In real life the manager would tell him, “If you’re offside more than once in the next match I’m putting you on the reserve squad.” The player would immediately stop messing around and get his lazy butt onside. Instant unlearning.
  13. Every time there’s an international break longer than a week, I know I can expect injuries to 3 or more of my players. The ones out playing international matches aren’t the ones who get injured. The players that stay home get injured in training. To try to prevent the injuries, I now give all of my players a week off at the beginning of the break. This isn’t enough though, because the injuries pile up as soon as training restarts. This is clearly a bug. It’s completely unrealistic to have more injuries during breaks than when playing matches. An example of one of the injuries during the latest international break:
  14. Two of my strikers have the dreaded “likes to try to beat offside trap” trait. I’ve had it set on “discourage” for 2.5 seasons and it hasn’t gone away yet. It makes the players worthless because it causes them to go offside almost every time the ball comes their way. Notice that it still has “he’s BEGUN to learn a new trait”. No progress in more than 2 seasons.
  15. My current save is little Hamilton Academical. We finished 2nd in my second season, and we’re off to a good start in the Euro Cup in my third season. The schedule is brutal with the Euro matches added! I use a team of backup players for the matches between the Euro, and it has resulted in a league match loss and a Betfred Cup match loss (just as well, I hate the moronic Betfred Cup). But the kids on the backup squad beat Livingston last time out so maybe they are maturing. Catching Celtic may not be possible with our tiny budget (payroll is $1.45 million) but maybe a miracle will happen. Rangers are winless in 3 league matches this season and appear to be a non-factor.
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