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  1. I just finished a season in Wales and noticed something odd. The league schedule has just one game a week and no mid-week matches. That’s not enough playing time to fatigue anyone, but my opponents often have some players who are exhausted by halftime. It definitely makes it easier to beat the AI teams (we coasted to victory in the Cymru South). The only explanation I could think of is the AI teams are using their starting players in mid-week reserve squad matches. That would be a dumb thing to do, but it’s the only way they wouldn’t be fully rested for our match. Has anyone else noticed that their opponents are oddly tired? Or was it something weird about my save?
  2. The next season I became manager of Stevenage in October. As you can see in the first screenshot, the initial expectation was to avoid relegation. But as soon as I started working on the team, the expectation changed to mid-table finish. The third screenshot is from the end of the season ... the expectation has risen to “win promotion”, which is what we did. We finished 2nd and earned automatic promotion. I also stayed within the budget (I sold the 2 highest paid players to reduce the payroll). What grade did the board give me for this? B! Haha. I guess I needed to cure cancer to get an A.
  3. It’s a regular save, not one of the prearranged challenges.
  4. It gets worse ... we met the board’s new expectation of making the playoffs, so now they added “reach the playoff final” to the expectations. The playoffs are underway so they’re reserving judgement so far. Mighty nice of them. This board stuff is so broken.
  5. I haven’t received any inbox notifications of the changes in board expectations. I just happened to notice it on my own. And I do single file saves to save memory space, so there is no file from before the changes.
  6. I’m doing a “relegation fighter” save in which I takeover a club that’s struggling in December, try to keep them up, and then resign to repeat again the next season with a new club. Last season when I signed with Kettering the board’s expectation was to avoid relegation. When the club moved out of the relegation zone, the board expectation unilaterally changed to mid-table finish. No meeting with me and no budget increase. We finished 12th so they were satisfied but they should have been ecstatic that we avoided the drop by a large margin. This season I took the Curzon Ashton job in December. We weren’t at the bottom of the table so the board’s expectation was a top half finish. 5 wins later and I noticed that the board now expects to make the playoffs. Again there was no meeting and no budget increase. If you’re going to feature this board stuff in the game, then the expectations can’t change mid season. A performance review with moving goalposts is ridiculous. What might be happening: The higher expectations may have been set at the beginning of the season for the original manager. After he’s fired for failure, the expectations set for me are lower ... until I meet the lower expectation then the bug happens and the higher expectation is reinstalled.
  7. Kitanov “looks to pass rather than score” which might be a problem if he’s your lone striker. They look like they’d make a good pair for a 2 striker system. Kitanov has a bigger jump reach and will presumably set up Ant for lots of goals.
  8. It’s a really good question. The morale/momentum system is overpowered in FM20 so when things go bad it snowballs. One idea is to schedule a friendly or two against cupcake teams to get easy wins and boost morale. It’s not a realistic solution but the “bad morale = disaster” thing isn’t very realistic either. Good luck.
  9. Your idea doesn’t address away matches. When you’re the away team, the home team pays you the fee and you don’t pay the opposition anything. Basically for away matches there should just be one amount listed: the fee the home team pays you.
  10. Look on the staff page for “job center”. Available jobs are listed there, and you can apply. Jobs are only listed in the nations that you have active.
  11. It doesn’t make sense to subtract fee from income for an away match, because the fee is what the home team pays the away team. Logically there shouldn’t be income listed for an away match but the folks at SI aren’t particularly logical and it’s obvious none of them know anything about accounting. But it’s a minor issue so *shrug*.
  12. Enable us to redesign our club kits in any offseason during a save. Kit design is already a feature of “create a club” so making it available throughout all saves (career, create a club, and challenges) probably would be easy. Designing kits is one of the cool parts of creating a club. If you make it generally available throughout the game, I think it could be a popular new feature for FM21 Touch. We all like to take full control of our club, and designing/redesigning the kits is one of the final frontiers.
  13. Pomorie (Bulgaria) might be the most difficult club in the world to manage. I started unemployed and vacationed to November to find a team in peril of relegation to fix. Pomorie only had 1 point from their first 15 matches and were looking for a new manager. The problem is finances. You can see that they are way over budget, and basically have no budget anyway. I thought I could fill the team out with loans. Player search turned up many players listed for loan but NONE of them were willing to come to our club even though they came up in the interested in loan search (which SI ought to fix). Really Pomorie should become an amateur club, but that’s not something I can change in FM Touch. As a professional club any amateur player I approached wanted to be paid to play for us. So there is no way for us to add players. And we don’t even have enough players to fill the 7 spots on the bench. There’s only 1 goalkeeper at the club; if he’s injured that’s the end. Are you up for the ultimate Pomorie challenge?!?
  14. My 3 recent injuries. They’re all wingers ...
  15. FM has always injured players in pairs. If a centerback gets injured I expect another centerback to be injured within a couple of days. It’s not realistic but it’s the way FM is and I accept that. But this time FM went for the hat trick. My 2 starting fullbacks we’re both injured during a match. And before our next match the backup right fullback was injured too. So I say foul! Stick to your traditional trick of injuring players in pairs. Wiping out 3 at once is over reaching.
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