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  1. Lewis Archer. He’s a striker I’ve had at Altrincham from the Vanarama North up to League 2. His attributes won’t blow you away but you can see he has goals in him. I left the team midway through the 21/22 season but returned late in the 22/23 season to save them from relegation. Archer didn’t play great for the AI manager but you can see he’s tearing it up for me this season. Archer is effective as an advanced forward but I like him even better as a pressing forward on support (he’s a good passer, pair him with a poacher).
  2. My little Altrincham club is 17 points clear in 1st place in League 2. But the board is “concerned” about our loss to Man United in the 4th round of the FA Cup. Man U is in 1st place in the Premier League. It makes me laugh every time I see their stupid complaint. I picture them as a bunch of fat old turds who have nothing better to do than sit around and dream up things to complain about.
  3. Your offside stats definitely don’t line up with real world stats, as I stated above. But living in denial is always an option. Cheers.
  4. There are way too many offside calls in FM. The Premier League club with the most offside calls against this season has 50. FM clubs can reach that total in 5 matches. The recurring problem is that FM strikers stand around in an offside position. When a pass comes their way they come back for it but they are flagged of course. This can happen 10 times in a match because the sim players can’t learn from their mistakes. In real life strikers obviously don’t stand around in an offside position. Staying onside is so ingrained in them that they do it without thinking. Watching an FM match when the offside calls go nuts is just brutal. Most don’t notice because they only watch key highlights.
  5. On the 12th day of FM, SI gave to us ... 12 more shots with no goals 11 crosses missing 10 headers over 9 1v1s failing 8 players injured 7 strikers off-side 6 attributes falling Fiiiiiiiiiiiive golden chances botched 4 yellow cards 3 penalties stopped 2 goalkeeper screw ups and a “I can’t believe he missed that. He hangs his head in shaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.”
  6. Have you noticed that strikers also can’t score penalty shots? They shoot straight at the keeper. Other players still easily score penalties so I took my strikers out of the list. I suppose this is related to the 1v1 bug.
  7. The morale system is wacko. My Blackpool team is in first place, 7 points clear in November. The players should be overjoyed, right? No, they are all sulking.
  8. In nonleague football there are plenty of useful players available as free agents. You can find them in the player search of course. Look for a few key attributes, such as finishing, heading and composure for a striker. The first thing I like to do is fill out the formation and bench on the tactics screen with my existing players. If I don’t have 2 players for every position, then I know what I need to sign. You probably should pick a formation that makes best use of your existing players. For example if you have good wingers chose a formation that uses wingers. Check the finances page to see what payroll you have to work with. In the non league it won’t be much. Hopefully you won’t be over budget already, which is a pain to deal with. If you are, consider choosing another team.
  9. You can see from the pic I inserted that I already had him on GK specific individual focus training. That’s not what he’s complaining about. But thanks for responding.
  10. One of my goalkeepers is complaining about not getting enough goalkeeper training sessions, but those aren’t one of the options available in Touch. My other keeper made the same complaint at the end of the previous season. We know how petulant FM players are programmed to act, so I hope the keepers don’t cause locker room chaos or something. : )
  11. After I made this reply, my team got 6 yellow cards in the next match and 5 in the match after that (including 2 on one player for an ejection in the 29th minute). I’ve never experienced that kind of nonsense before while using “stay on feet”.
  12. On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a 4 defensive backs, 3 central midfielders, 2 attacking midfielders, and an advanced foooooooorward. Belated Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all! I’ve been messing around with this 4-3-2-1 Christmas tree shaped formation for a couple of days. The trick to making it work seems to be preventing the midfielders from going too far forward. The CM assignments are working. By the way, the third tier of Denmark football is great for trying experiments. Pick an amateur team and you can rebuild it any way you want without any concerns about budget. There are loads of talented free agent amateur players available. Cheers.
  13. I play FM20 Touch on an iPad and it hasn’t crashed once. Maybe I’m just lucky. I chose the single file save option, so maybe that helps? I dunno. The 1v1 bug effects the full fat version as well as Touch, so it’s a thing for everyone. It’s kind of interesting to develop tactics to work around it. And surely there will be an update to fix it eventually.
  14. Congrats on creating 50 shots. That’s an impressive total against any team. Like you, my Blackpool team was running up big shot totals, scoring few, and getting lots of draws. More of our shots began to go in after I made our passing less direct, turned off pass into space, lowered the tempo, and switched to attacking mentality. Unfortunately I have no idea which one or combination of those changes made the difference. The improvement didn’t come from our striker. Our left inside forward, right winger, and central midfielders (on attack) do most of the scoring in a 4-3-3 Wide formation. Good luck.
  15. Halfway through the season I took the manager job at Blackpool (League 1). They were on the edge of the relegation zone. I’d used a 3-striker formation to earn back-to-back promotions at Altrincham, but Blackpool’s wingers are some of the team’s best players so I wanted a formation that used them. I started with a 4-2-4 but the results were poor. The strikers were not scoring. So I changed to a 4-3-3 Wide and we improved immediately. We finished the season on a 15 match streak without a loss. Our inside forward and winger became our major scorers. The two central midfielders that are set on attack bang in goals. And having 3 midfielders made us very good at quickly winning back possession (they can all mark and tackle). The lone striker occasionally scored but really wasn’t the focus of the attack. In the final two matches of the season we beat the 4th place team 4-2 and the 2nd place team 5-1. That final match against Portsmouth was typical of our good run. We had 3x as many shots as them, and 60% of possession.
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