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  1. I used to have that against the top 5 clubs in the world in fm17 through 19 especially man city. Until i stopped getting matched with man city and i got my sanity back. I didn't lose or anything but i was barely scraping draws. What can you do... I mean i don't always like making superteams so i guess i deserve to struggle, am i right SI? X)
  2. True that but you can also offer a 12 hour deadline when you offer or they offer. But you gotta remember that issuing deadlines the interested team might either choose to neglect it or might not even have the money till that time to make an offer sufficient enough to acquire the player. EDIT: So you gotta be lenient and allow some flexibility
  3. You don't know that for sure, he could decide to see out his contract and make you pay him even if he doesn't play. There are players like that unprofessional and outspoken enough to destroy the team mentality as well. So try not to do that in the future. Your first step should always be to threaten and then and only then depending on his answer, can you decide to punish him. Maybe he will cooperate at the beginning without you having to place him on the reserves, but also act like i said at the beginning and you don't want that trust me...
  4. Threaten him from the start that you will put him on a transfer/loan list if his wage demands/attitude/performance doesn't change. Putting him immediately without informing him with him getting mad in the process was the only thing that was gonna happen.
  5. What wing do you retrain mbappe on? If you trying to retrain him on a wing opposite to his preferred foot ofcourse he is not gonna gain anything. Wingers need to be on their preferred foots flank not the opposite. Also is he versatile enough to be retrained there?
  6. I do have a player right now that im retraining to mc(he is an amc natural) but he is at the process of becoming natural. So not there yet. I had 3 instances in fm18 where players were losing proficiency of the position(not in 2 weeks like in the persons case above but in like a month) even though i was playing them sparingly in that position(25%~ of games). And this mention sparked fear of the same happening with this version. I will let you know. EDIT: Adding the player is 18 years old, versatile, star player and the difference between the 2 positions would probably be that his n
  7. Yes but not in a matter of weeks like the other fella above supports. It should be months to year cuz it actually takes months to retrain a player. It doesn't feel rewarding this way. Do note though i'm not saying to stop playing the player in that position after he becomes natural to it, cuz then what would be the point. What i'm saying is, we shouldn't have to play him more than what's needed(sparingly or even often) just enough to maintain it. Let's not forget the whole point of retraining him is to have more options, not just to have a player than can play in a different position.
  8. Still no :P Cuz its still a different role. Doesn't matter if it has the same instructions. Thats what i said above. That doesn't matter. The player will still play differently. Each role is different by itself under the hood. There are stuff that are hardcoded for every role that makes it unique from another. They might be able to have the same instructions, the role is still different. And it will play differently. Instructions only add to each role. They don't make the role. People often post on the tactics thread about having issues with their tactics. And more often than not, their
  9. Player instructions between roles differ, so in that regard they will never play the same. Also there are literally tons of factors that contribute to each players gamestyle. Its down to player personality, player attributes, player positioning, preferred foot-position he plays and his roles and duties. Even if two roles share a few major instructions(the green's as you call them) its still not a certainty that they will play the same, because of the things i mentioned prior. Instructions are not everything. Instructions can be the same and the players will still play differently. Its the base
  10. Your bank balance, your reputation and how well you play and what success you are having all increase the likelihood of your chairman opening the cheque. And to be honest its not his money. He is basically acting as a bank where he just gives you a part of the money you have deposited over the years. If you as a manager have great reputation in the footballing world of the game and every one adores you including the chairman what you did, forces him to be a bit open minded. So yea everything counts, even your press conferences. EDIT: You gotta be careful though to not be too b
  11. My 2 cents. AF has no support. The 2 wide players are the ones that will look to end the opportunities themselves. Your centre midfield is another disaster. Unless your bwm on support is instructed to get further forward your RMD will be another isolated man. Your left side on attack is the most prevalent of the two but on defense is in more danger than your right side. Cuz there are no defensive minded duties/roles at all on that flank. I will suggest the same thing @jc577 did , which is to swap your AP with your bwm(D not S) and also bring your lone striker closer to a suitable line of
  12. Carrilero gives lateral movement/cover whereas mezzala moves up the pitch as well. Mezzala is the guy that will look to attack the channel. Carrilero will defend that. Idk if i explained it correctly. Tried my best.
  13. lukas your case is different from the OP's. You prob accumulated money that your Chairman then gave back to invest on players. Is that correct?
  14. Good. Let me know how this goes. Im sure there are other options as well. But i don't know the details of your case so i can't speculate.
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