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  1. Having seen Bielsa's PPT presentation recently, I have started to adopted a more methodical approach to understanding the beautiful game. I think I have a reasonable amount of knowledge in understanding the intricacies of how an opponent may play, my problem is not knowing enough about the right method to counter them. For example - My next opponent plays 4-2-3-1, quick tempo passing, threat from the wings with pace, very high press and closing down. Weakness is overcommitted attacking, very high Def line. How would you counter this? Formation tweaks? Defend wider or narrower? Not sure how to evade the high press, do I pass shorter or more direct, quicker to feet or into space... Etc. Or on the other end of the spectrum, how to beat the parked bus. So does anyone have any suggestions on a reading list (real life of course) for learning more about tactical styles and how to improve a match-up? Maybe a book on tactical approaches or publication on theory? Perhaps even something that helped develop the FM implementation of tactical styles?
  2. Yes I agree that teams of that level generally stick to free transfers, but when I see the transfer summary of the league I see a lot of movement so it becomes frustrating! Also that players refuse loans or mutual terminations and the like, when they are 6th in the pecking order for a position and the board refuses to terminate the contract (for example I have 150k in the bank, and they refuse a 7k termination). The frustration being if you are very light in one or two positions (I only had one RB and limited CM) and you can't persuade the board to free up wasted wages. Unless I play my Target Man at RB and my Poacher at CM... Not saying it's game defining at that level, but it can make it slow to overhaul an unbalanced squad. IRL I think there may be more pragmatism, especially when the unwanted players are fairly decent. Edit- is part of the problem that a player can't drop down leagues if the league you are playing is the lowest being simulated? I don't recall an offer ever coming from a regional league team, yet IRL these teams Lian and hoover up unwanted conference players .
  3. Try selling a player or even a free transfer in the Conference South. It's like pulling teeth. My Dartford team has 6 strikers of a similar level and high wage, when I play a 1 striker system. Can't shift the others, loan them or mutually terminate. Yet 2 or 3 of them would walk into 75pct of other teams of a similar reputation. Nobody ever buys my players in LLM, yet so many clubs have ingoings and outgoings.
  4. As said by another poster, categorising real life players by FM roles isn't an exact science. I'm a Crystal Palace fan and we over the past 10 years or so we have been a 'wing play' team of sorts. Currently we have Van Aanholt and Wan Bissaka. I would say they are both wing backs, but also capable of performing FB and IWB roles. In fact, both players invert when we have Zaha and Townsend playing wider, offering up options to central midfield. Van Aanholt cuts into the box, Wan Bissaka cuts in deeper back. Neither has an amazing weaker foot but it still can be effective as they aren't necessarily crossing or shooting. I find the same with wingers and IFW. FM places huge emphasis on footedness in role suitability but with the right tactic and supporting roles, you can stick a low suitability IFW in and they still perform. In that regard, I never play with two wingers, one is always IFW and often I swap them during the game.
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