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  1. Nice to see a 1860 save for FM20, it's my beta save also! 4141 also, and sticking with it! Keep up the amazing job, looking forward to see a new king in Munich!
  2. 1st save will be Benfica until the UCL title, my club, loads of talented youth, so no brainer here. 2nd save should be on the German 3 bundesliga, i'm doing 1860 Munich and loving it, maybe Kaiserlautern or SG Sonnenhof Großaspach because that logo is just sick:
  3. Came here to post this guy, my best defender at Parma after 6 months. (got him in January)
  4. The star of the squad on the first year of my Parma save, real solid, works very well both in DMC and MC strata. DLP, BBM and MEZ. A bomb!
  5. Parma it is! What a satisfyng save! Just finnished the first season and we managed a 5th place in the Serie A, just above Udinese and Lazio. Roma took the title, Napoli, juventus and Inter followed. The begining was dificult but and was looking like a relegation battle but a series of nice results and very few losses took us to the top half and a good season brought us to the 5th. I've used an assymetric 4231: Sepe (Frattali) Iacaponi (Gazzola) - B. Alves (Sierralta) - Bissek (Bastoni) - Dimarco (Gagliolo) ----------- Stulac (Krichhoff) Gnoukouri (Deiola) -------------------- Ciciretti (Gervinho) - Xadas (Cuenca / Gaudino) - Di Gaudio (Da Cruz) Inglese (Kean) This system started as a 4231DM but ended up this way as the team evolved to a more ambicous football. For the big teams I would drop Gnoukouri to the defensive midfield, going back to the initial plan. I also used a 41221 (mostly pre-season), but then I got Xadas... Mentality: So as an underdog, I set up a thight block between the defensive and pressing lines. I moved up and down the block according to the opposition and the mentality was set on positive/attacking. I started with the tiki-taka preset and changed the passing style to normal, speed to normal and the tackle mode to assassin. In some games where I would drop the defensive line, the passing style would be more direct to allow the counter and make up for the distance of the block to the goal. Market: Out with: Biabiany, Baraye, Rigoni, Siligardi, Scozzarella, Munari, Dezi (He would stay, but didn't convince me) In: Gnoukouri, Xadas, Krichhoff, Pelayo Morilla, Bissek, Cuenca. I am just entering the shopping season with alot to do, these loans seem impossible to keep so the plan is to fill these positions with young prospects and hope for the best, I haven't seen how much the board will give me this window, but without a cash injection and with Europa League to play, this 5th, seems hard to repeat. P.S: This is my first post, please forgive any rules broken or bad english. And the manager could only be GOD, Armando!!!!! Foto Credits go to Suara at www.suara-store.com
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