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  1. **** ** New Leagues ** Scottish Premiership Scottish Championship Ladbrokes League One Ladbrokes League Two Highland League Lowland League East of Scotland Premier Division East of Scotland Conference A East of Scotland Conference B South of Scotland League North Caledonian League West Premiership East Super League North East Super League South North Super League West Championship East Premier League North East Premier League South North Division One West League One North Division Two **The Scottish Pyramid is a wee bit more complicated to replicate in FM, but I will obviously be adding more leagues as I go along** **West League Two teams have been divided up between WL1, West Championship & West Prem**
  2. Fully working Scottish Leagues file down to the Welfare Leagues.
  3. Note: I am creating this from scratch but it will be set up as the Welsh football league system is in real life, hopefully going down to at least level 11. Also, a week on Wednesday (23rd January) i am on holiday for a week and will not be able to access football manager. Level 1 Welsh Premier League Level 2 Cymru Alliance Welsh Football League Division One Level 3 Welsh National League Premier Division Welsh Alliance League Division One Mid Wales Football League Division One Welsh Football League Division Two Level 4 Welsh National League Division One Welsh Alliance League Division Two Mid Wales Football League Division Two Welsh Football League Division Three Level 5 North East Wales League Gwynedd League Vale of Clwyd and Conwy Football League Premier Division Aberystwyth League Division One Montgomeryshire League Division One Ceredigion League Division One Mid Wales South League Gwent County League Division One South Wales Alliance League Premier Division (more to come soon)
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