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  1. I'm not seeing it on the top of my xml? I'm on Mac so idk if that affects it
  2. Doing rules changes for Wales and everything seems to be in correct order but for some reason when I try to verify file it refuses to start the second season for the second tier, the JD Premier runs through fine and if u test the competitions just using the Premier and no lower levels all of the promotions/relegations work perfectly, but when u activate the second tier it refuses to start the 2021/2022 season and gives an error saying JD premier relegated 4 and Second Tier only promoted 2, despite showing in the test that the promotions all worked accordingly and the necessary teams are there.
  3. Idk why but since the newest update is causing my game to crash during the advertising loading screen. I've seen a lot of other people are having this issue as well, I've tried all of the recommended steps nothing is working.
  4. Having same issue since update my game will only go thru the initial advertising loading screens then quit unexpectedly
  5. Im also getting this error now not sure if its same in yours but run competitions test and look at the league results and go down to rankings and the league start rankings should all be some impossible number (Here its -126). If it is then we have same issue and its a bug in editor when creating leagues with identical rules. Im attaching a screenshot of what it looks like
  6. so I have a league set up where the 4th-9th place teams play in a playoff for the final euro spot, but for some reason, the tournament is forcing the higher finishing squads to play in the first round rather than the lower teams. So instead of the first round being 6v9 and 7v8 its instead forcing 4v7 and 5v6 with the lower finishing squads getting the bye. Obviously this doesn't make sense as the lower teams shouldn't be rewarded, but Im having a lot of trouble figuring out how to get it set the way I want. I attached the file if anyone knows how to figure this out thanks WALES 18.fmf
  7. it doesn't feel realistic to reward lower placed teams with a bye to the Semis
  8. basically for some reason the rounds by seeding are going 1v4 2 v 3 and winner of each match playing the 5 and 6. I want it to be the 4v5 and 3v6 playing to match up with 1 and 2 in SF
  9. Ok so I got everything fixed now and it all works except the only issue is for some reason the 4th and 5th place teams are not getting the bye to the SF instead its going to the 8th and 9th spots, anyway anyone can help?attached the updated file that now has everything in order, just need help flipping how the get drawn WALES 18.fmf
  10. confused how does that relate to the premier league not finishing on time error and how do I fix it
  11. So I redid the welsh league system by adding the 6 exile teams (Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, etc.) back in the welsh premier division. I had it working and played out a season but decided to make some tweaks. The way the league is structured there originally, there are 12 teams and it splits after January with the top 6 teams playing each other for the 3 European spots and the bottom 6 teams teams playing to avoid relegation. Should one of the top 3 teams also win the domestic cup (the 4th euro spot), the next 4 teams play a playoff to decide who gets it. Because of the added teams it got very t
  12. saw this looking through the other games in my league couldn't believe my eyes. Shots need work
  13. After playing more than a 100 games with the new beta I am much happier with this than the previous ME. My only real issues are the lack of central play and how useless AMC position has become, more thru balls and tiki taka style play would help a lot. The high amount of long shots and wonder goals are another (it seems like there is 1 at least in every game or2 throughout as I also will go thru and watch the goals from other matches in my league and others as well) and the high amount of set piece goals, specifically from wide indirect fks. Another issue I've seen is with defender can in cle
  14. I know it prob would be a fair amount of work and probably not possible to find them from smaller leagues but maybe for more well-known leagues where stats are more available it'd be nice to see assists and other statistics from previous seasons (aka real life past seasons pre-2020) as currently the only past stats you see are appearances and goals. It would bring a lot more realism as well as helping with scouting if assists and others (avg ratings, clean sheets, etc.) stats were also added too as it gives a better overall look of how a player has performed in their career in real life becau
  15. If you look in editor at Germany there's a tab called transfers and contracts that has nation transfer preferences and Japan is one of Germany's and they're the only country really affiliated so most good Japanese players will end up in Germany at some point
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