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  1. Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix? If not ill be fine without it I just like adding a real life one instead
  2. If you look in editor at Germany there's a tab called transfers and contracts that has nation transfer preferences and Japan is one of Germany's and they're the only country really affiliated so most good Japanese players will end up in Germany at some point
  3. its usable you just can't put the files in the game because you can't verify you can still make changes and save them tho but they definitely need to fix asap otherwise the editor becomes pointless
  4. same I think there was a bug in the new update hopefully they fix it soon I went back into editor to put a few final touches on my file and now I can't cause they won't verify even tho it had nothing to do with Club World Cup
  5. Hey I wanted to know if anybody was able to add the Welsh teams in English System (Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Wrexham, Colwyn Bay) back into the Welsh League system. I've been trying myself but run into a lot of trouble.
  6. Also been trying to do the same thing except keep TNS in the league and having lots of issues as well. Looked around and can only find it for older versions of the game. Hopefully someone will be able to fix it
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