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  1. Thanks! Summary: Bug that prevents moving players between A and B teams Description of Issue: Players cannot move between A and B teams due to "transfer window restrictions". Steps to Reproduce: Take a player and move him to B-team, which will be prompted not allowed due "being outside transfer window" Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Risto Rauta - HJK.fm
  2. Hi all, I dont know if this is the right thread, but I have noticed that facilities in Finland seem to be underrated. HJK is a leading producer of footballers in Scandinavia, and within top 30 in Europe when measured through number of players in top tier, fact that can be confirmed here: https://football-observatory.com/IMG/sites/b5wp/2020/wp312/en/. The same would go for SJK, a team that has invested bags of cash recently in developing their academy , but still has the same "basic facilities" and poor academy coaching. In real life, Finland has invested heavily in facilities, and b
  3. There is a problem concerning moving players between the B team and main team, they are treated as separate teams. For example players cannot move between HJK and its reserve team Klubi-04 outside transfer window, This should not be the case, players can move freely between reserve and main team in Finnish leagues.
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