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  1. FM Genie Scout 2008 public beta 1 Released

    Still doesn't work.....waste of time! Oh and for the record, i think we all have every reason to bitch and moan - the program was PROMISED 4 months ago at which point Eugene asked for donations to keep it free. The guy's clearly a tech wizz but at no point in the past 120 days has he found the 30 seconds it takes to turn on his pc/laptop and type the following: "Sorry it's taking so long - best you stop donating" or "won't now be ready until april"
  2. Mattias Fernandez....... Bought him at Roma - won Serie A and champions league. Was offered the Man Utd job - made him my first signing. Played 4 1 3 1 2 formation with Fernandez playing in behind the front 2. over the next 7 seasons he scored 120 LEAGUE goals and 163 goals in all competitions. Never got injured or sent off and scored 30+ goals in 3 consecutive seasons (from midfield). 6 PL titles, 5 Champions Leagues, 4 FA cups and 4 League Cups. 4 times World player of the year 4 times European Footballer of the year 5 times FA Footballer of the year. Now 33 yrs of age and still a first team regular........ What a hero.
  3. What has been your...

    Wiining the quad with Man Utd in the 2014/5 season - winning all but 10 games in all competitions and remaining unbeaten for the whole season scoring 195 goals (105 in the PL). Best part - average age of squad just 24! Had a clear out of the Man Utd squad 2 seasons earlier - out went Cech, Evra, Tevez, Carick, Moutinho, J Cole, Hargreaves, Brown, O'Shea, Ferdinand, Evans, Fletcher, Dawson and most importantly - Cristiano Ronaldo. Brought in all my aquired youth and regen players from the previous 4/5 years as well as picking up some top quality youth players - 1st season almost got sacked as we just managed to finish in 4th on goal difference, went out of all cup competitions too early and faced multiple fan revolts as sale after sale of top talent - but the reward the following season was massive.
  4. Your Biggest Career Move

    Started at PSG in France in 07/08 season, came 2nd in league and won french league cup. Second season won French league and runners up in Eufa cup. Third season moved to Ajax, won league, dutch cup and semi final of champions league. Fourth season got job at Roma, came second in league and won Eufa Cup. Fifth season just been offered (and accepted)the job at man utd...... Not bad me thinks...... Joel.