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  1. French Cup 10th round is supposed to take place on Saturday and Sunday (there are no league games that week end) but most of the games are postponed to the middle of the week for TV.
  2. The sentence "PSG supporters..." is not translated
  3. In the last sentence " a lui aussi annoncé etc." should be plural
  4. During my job interview for Monaco the shirt of my current team was displayed on the wall
  5. In this screen "Joueur recruté placé sur la liste des transferts", "Joueur recruté disponible en prêt" et "Joueur recruté bientôt libéré" should all be translated to "Joueur observé" or "Joueur repéré" I think
  6. There are no number in the recommendation part of my players' coach report The number only appears for players I just recruited but is wrong, for example this guy who is a starter and has a 28 score I think it happened after I fired my assistant coach but even when changing the staff member in charge of those reports it doesn't change
  7. During one season in French Ligue 2 there has been 6 (six) managers who left their club to go to another one in the middle of the season. I don't know about other countries but that is something that literally never happens in France or maybe once every ten years. Even in Ligue 1 there is usually 1 or 2 managers who leave their club every season, but that never happens in real life either
  8. Same for me in January 2024 there is two days between the end of registration and the end of transfer window
  9. My games got postponed to Mondays because of the ECL, they should have been postponed to Sundays
  10. I still have this bug even though it says it was fixed in the major update
  11. when a national team manager gets sacked the captain and vice captain change most of the time. It should not.
  12. FC Metz never get regens from Luxembourg even though almost all major Luxembourger players came from FC Metz academy
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