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  1. Ah on FMBase you mean ? Was just because I wanted to change the download link to the “proper” tactic if that makes sense so people did not have to firstly download my previous tactic and make the changes themselves that I wrote about in the description and Iv never used discord ! , if you feel it’s a good move I’d be more than happy to accept an invite from yourself !
  2. Thanks bud if it can be done with out a PC to connect to iTunes I will give it a whirl sometime
  3. If anyone wants to download it make the changes and then post a link feel free ! It only takes a few clicks
  5. Then please either give it a go yourself before casting negativities or move on and use a “proper tactic” thank you
  6. Have decided to create another tactic to beat the original 80% win score - it will be a different formation watch this space !
  7. First Year in the premier Consolidated well Predicted 20th Finished 12th with arguably a top half championship squad Looking forward to spending a much larger transfer budget to push on! Another year of over achievement this time in the toughest league on FM20
  8. Thanks bud ! Fairly happy with my first attempt at something lol inspired me to maybe try a few things out , I will be back ! Thanks again and always been a fan of your work
  9. Just been added to the tactic testing league on FMBase Highest ranking was in the Underdog testing league 15 points (20 is top) Very happy might try the same style with different formations to see if I can improve but will continue my current save first to see how far I can go based on season upon season improvement then see if I can beat it !
  10. second season need to try and invest well next year ! dont think a team of league one players will cut it too well in the premier league - onwards and upwards! will invest in the key areas of the tactic and anything about 17th is a bonus!
  11. I just leave it to my assistant manager and try to get in the best people I can after every season in all roles
  12. Many thanks for wanting to try it ! I will see if it performs well in specific people’s testing table/leagues but no matter the result of their tests (hoping it performs well obviously! Lol) it works for me and if it works for other people and people are enjoying using it that’s good enough for me !
  13. Hi bud yes I normally go for left footer on left side right footer on right I’m terms of attributes I do try find a defensive winger where I can on player search and if I can’t find a decent one I just play the best normal winger I can find
  14. I have already tried as it’s the site I used last time ! said I needed a URL or a File for people to download but short of going to buy a laptop I’m stuck 😂
  15. I have a feeling your right lol I put one on FMBase last time and someone was nice enough too! But you never know lol here’s hoping 😂
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