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  1. Hi Knap going to play my last long save of FM20 starting off in league one and will be plug and play with a SUS tactic to see out games What tactic should I use as a plug and play tactic for one last hurrah to enjoy fm20 One last time ?
  2. Knap do you use any specific player filters when signing players ? so for example tff gives a guide on what they think are good attributes for a specific position or do you not bother and just scout etc ?
  3. Hi knap who takes corners in Beowulf tactic ? or anyone else who knows !?
  4. Hi Knap I know you put up some screenshots of set pieces on page 78 but I was wondering if they are still the same on your newer tactics or if you have changed them ?
  5. Hi Knap using Beowulf at the moment am I right there are no opposition instructions ? and how do I SUS (shut up shop) with Beowulf? thanks as ever
  6. Ah on FMBase you mean ? Was just because I wanted to change the download link to the “proper” tactic if that makes sense so people did not have to firstly download my previous tactic and make the changes themselves that I wrote about in the description and Iv never used discord ! , if you feel it’s a good move I’d be more than happy to accept an invite from yourself !
  7. Thanks bud if it can be done with out a PC to connect to iTunes I will give it a whirl sometime
  8. If anyone wants to download it make the changes and then post a link feel free ! It only takes a few clicks
  10. Then please either give it a go yourself before casting negativities or move on and use a “proper tactic” thank you
  11. Have decided to create another tactic to beat the original 80% win score - it will be a different formation watch this space !
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