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  1. Thanks bud appreciate it now here’s hoping someone comments about the iwb and dw lol thanks again bud
  2. Anyone know the player instructions for the 4132? Only really need the iwb dw cm and dm as I imagine the rest is the same as Beowulf 442 any help muchly appreciated!
  3. I don’t have a pc to download it onto the iPad unfortunately 🤦‍♂️ Do you have any tips on the scout reports numbers (the one within the magnifying glass) not the star rating ?
  4. Hi knap and everyone , Does anyone want to be a hero and enlighten me with the player instructions for the 4132 112 points no loss formation? Also anyone have any tips on scoring reports in terms of the 0-100 scout report rating ? Not the stars system ta
  5. I think I’m basically up to date ! (That’s a big I think lol) Is there short passing PI with the strikers ?and is there anything different between the left wb and the right ?
  6. Thanks again mailbden ! I was trying to keep up to date with all the PI changes (as I use FM touch) but i think I’m too far behind with them all now 😫
  7. Anyone know the PIs for the DM in gladiator ? Would be greatful 🍻
  8. Does anyone know the passing changes to the back 4 in conqueror?
  9. Hi TFF what are the passing tweaks to the back four defenders for the new conqueror? Are they the only positions with new passing tweaks ? Thanks as ever
  10. Thanks for the tips TFF! What are your thoughts on the match engine favouring the far post in terms of AI set pieces? I have tinkered with mine and I seem to be better defensively with set pieces when I address the far post area , how do you find it ? And I give up on corners lmao 😂
  11. Hi TFF what change did you make to the DL? And do you have any specific team training you prefer to use? Cheers
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