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  1. Goal: To win the Champions League with a team consisting only of ONE nationality (Starting 11 + bench). Bonus Goal: That nation also wins EURO/World Cup. Rules: You can only sign/loan players of your chosen nationality. While you don't have to actively try to sell foreign players, you MUST accept any offer that comes in for them. You cannot renew contracts for foreign players currently on the team. I would recommend trying within leagues that typically rely heavily on foreign players (England, France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Germany). I'm curre
  2. There are other databases out there that provide pro-rel, this one is supposed to be as realistic as possible
  3. @fm_fanatic Are you actually doing this? If so, how is it going?
  4. They usually fill their squads, but might take a whole season to do so. It's interesting to watch how AI deal with it. For instance players might get signed with ridiculously high wages because of other clubs competing for their signature. And players like Messi or Ronaldo sometimes stay unsigned because no clubs can afford their wages after competing to fill all the other spots.
  5. Did anyone find a fix to the database crashing? I deleted and downloaded the file again. Unable to start a new save regardless of which date I set it to start at.
  6. Just wanted to report (what I hope is) a bug for those who want to manage NCAA teams: If you win the league, you go to the NCAA Championship, but your entire squad is on vacation so you're left with only gray players. Lost the first round 8-1 after an undefeated season.
  7. Would you mind adding Tacoma Defiance to your next update? https://q13fox.com/2019/01/30/seattle-sounders-2-soccer-team-gets-new-name-tacoma-defiance/
  8. I tried starting a save with an NCAA team and the team is half gray. I also noticed that there are no players available to scout, is that by design? It would make sense as a college team can't just bring in players at any time, but I thought I'd at least be able to contract end (simulating someone transferring to our university).
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