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  1. Hi, do you have a time line for when this is likely to be fixed? Thanks.
  2. Are we going to be facing the same issue in the 2020 edition? Any updates please.
  3. Thanks for the reply. But how come they're called a 'General Manager'? I thought that was practically a DoF? And I had both...
  4. Hey guys, Can anyone explain to me why when I started a new career as a lower league team I have a General Manager? I get that the General Manager may well be the Chairman but under 'Members' he is listed as an Assistant Manager... Even though I already have one... Effectively, I have a General Manager (who is listed as an Assistant Manager under 'Members'), a DoF, an Assistant Manager, a Head of Youth Recruitment and a Chief Scout. Cheers!
  5. I've started a career as manager of Man Utd but I've noticed my Reserve team are not doing so well. I understand that they will mirror my first team tactics (which are working well for my first team) yet the Reserves are almost bottom of their league. Has anyone else noticed this as this isn't the first save I have had where this has been an issue? At a club like Utd you'd think the Reserves would be doing well. I've even allowed some of my first team squad to play for them but the results still aren't what you would expect. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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