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  1. We're raring to go and fully equipped for our second bite at the BSS cherry.
  2. Photobucket's not working so I'll have to do a wordy summary for now. Full details to follow. Disappointing second half to my first season at the helm of Wealdstone. A disastrous run of form saw me slip to 18th, despite that seeming an impossibility at the half way stage. A new tactical approach did however pay dividends right at the end, with 36 year old Justin Jackson going from seven starts without a sniff to four goals in as many games. My scouts and best coach have been the true superstars of the season, yielding quality (albeit certainly not quantity). I'm confident of a playoff challenge next season, assuming I'm not forced into a fire sale. Takeover talks have persisted for the whole season, but still nothing, and as my wage budget is more than £0, I'm losing money.
  3. I'm in a very strange position, and I really don't think I've seen it on FM or real life before. I'm in 15th, but closer to 3rd than 16th.
  4. It seems that whenever I post on here, my fortunes change. I'm absolutely useless and have no chance whatsoever of winning any of my remaining 20 or so fixtures.
  5. I'd just love to have a striker who could score into an empty net
  6. I get around 600 for an FA Cup tie against a Blue Square team, 1400 against Millwall. By contrast my general league attendance is around the 400 mark.
  7. WE'VE FINALLY WON A GAME!!! League table... how on earth are we still in playoff contention?
  8. Wealdstone are a third of the way through the season and we've firmly established ourselves as the division's draw specialists, with three wins, nine draws and just two defeats. However, there is disappointment among the fans about our recent FA Cup first round defeat to League One Millwall. The Stones were considered among the challengers for the FA Cup, and our exit has taken many by surprise.
  9. I've found this. To my cost though, as I routinely start my managerial roles by antagonising anyone over 33 who isn't absolutely amazing.
  10. You'd be looking at one or two hundred times to get Hemel I'm afraid
  11. I'm probably setting a record for the quickest restart, but hey. Farnborough didn't even have a media prediction of relegation, had a very good capacity, and in my opinion a certain famous player visible from my original screenshot seriously cheapened the challenge of promotion from BSS. So without further ado, I present a new era at Wealdstone F.C.
  12. Farnborough start Picked partly out of frustration, partly because they have an acceptably coloured kit.
  13. I haven't spent the entire time reloading, but I didn't think it'd be this difficult to get one of four teams
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