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  1. Haha I was able to lure Tomori to the MLS in the OG database. I have my doubts it will go as well for me this time.
  2. Teams with B-Teams will still end up releasing 10 or more players by the end of March. Not just leaving them in the B-Team but throwing them in the March draft or waiving them after. Doing a save to make a team super OP by exploting these bugs and I've picked up Brek Shea, Juninho, Justen Glad, and Kekuta Manneh all on waivers within the first month. Glad is especially crazy. 22yo CB already on a first team level waived for no reason, despite RSL coming way under the wage cap.
  3. Pretty sure minimum 18 players registered. Correct me if I'm wrong here.
  4. MLS is STILL bugged on release? When is this getting fixed? Atlanta breaking the minimum player rule.
  5. Even with b-teams checked I only counted 16. Maybe I got it wrong who knows. (And sorry Orlando fans Will Johnson is still playing for FC Dallas.) Edit: Showing up as 13 players registered on the registration screen.
  6. Yep, AI is waiving a huge amount of players in my save. If only I knew so I could pick up a bunch of good American players on the cheap. XD Look at this AI Orlando. They really going into the first season with 13 players registered? Isn't that against league rules?
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