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  1. December 2033 A very good month with a home draw to Lazio and an away win to AC Milan. It would have been nice to take the full three from Lazio, considering that we played well enough to do so. We still sit second and all we can do is wait for Lazio to slip up. Inter has been playing great, as well and Atalanta, Napoli, and Roma have won their last 5 matches. Congrats to Di Biase! ***Juve Players of the Month*** Giulio Di Biase has been on fire this month, averaging 7.62 with one goal and one assist from the center back position. Next step, getting back into the national team! Gabriele Russo, our left inside forward, has really blossomed this season into one of the top players in the world. He has hit 17 goals and 2 assists in 17 Serie A appearances and has become a mainstay in the Italian National side. Junior Bienvenu has also been a fixture in the center of our lineup. His average rating of 7.46 over his last five matches has been key to our title push. He wanted to leave for greener pastures but we have promised him Champions League football next year and I plan to achieve that! ***Inbound Transfer*** We have signed Hakan Eriksson-Lovgren, a 19 year-old right back from Hammarby. He will go into our youth ranks and develop!
  2. November 2033 A perfect month, highlighted by Pau's hat trick in our 3-0 win over Napoli. We sit second and with our next match home to Lazio, we have a chance to go top of the table.
  3. International Call-Ups ***First Cap Watch*** Toual is looking for his very first cap! As is Camargo, who is looking to debut at the U-23 level.
  4. I did do that early on but was struggling to find quality wing backs to effect the game in the ways that I wanted so I made the change while at Vigo.
  5. October 2033 A great start to the month with a win over Inter but followed up by a horrorshow to at the time, bottom of the table SPAL and a draw to Fiorentina by pitching a 94th minute goal.... We closed the month with a 4-0 flogging of Bologna. We still sit second but Lazio are not dropping points. ***Serie A Awards*** ***Facilities Upgrades***
  6. August/September 2033 Just the one mar on a great season thus far! It was particularly disappointing as we dominated the match against Brescia and they scored a late penalty. Our demolition of Roma away was particularly pleasing. The season really begins to get tough over the next month with Inter(H), SPAL(A), Atlalanta(H), Fiorentina(A), and Bologna(H). We sit second at the moment. Our affiliation with Perugia is really beneficial at the moment as I'm able to send youngsters that are very close to the first team off to get Serie A experience. ***Serie A Monthly Awards*** Nice to see our big-money signing, Mukashev scooping a spot! ***Juve Players of the Month*** To be completely honest, our best defender was new man, Giulio Di Biase, who has repaid my faith in him with a goal, and a 7.5 average rating thus far in 5 starts. My duo of Inside Forwards have been a wonderful revelation as well with Passaro on the right accounting for 4 goals and 3 assists in 5 matches and Russo on the left accounting for 6 goals over 6 matches. Passaro also saw his first senior Italian cap! But our unquestioned best player is on-loan midfielder Branko Djordjevic. He has scored 4 goals and assisted on 6 while maintaining an 8.37 average rating! ***International Call-Ups***
  7. Very interesting, good idea and I'll be following along! KUTGW!
  8. International Call-Ups ***First Cap Watch*** Essomba will be looking for his first cap at any level. Wembangomo will be looking for his first Congo DR cap, as well! Passaro is looking for his first senior national team cap! Cem Demir is looking for his first senior cap, as well! Hopefully he can lock the role down.
  9. Pre-Season Picked to finish third, I'd honestly take it after last season. A great set of friendlies to get us fit! We finished up one more piece of transfer business. Hassan Shamba, a Swedish central midfielder comes to us for just $2.3M. Another piece of our future and it's looking bright! Here's how we'll line up! Let's do it!
  10. Off-Season Transfer Dealings Rather than bunch the transfer dealings in with the pre-season, I figured that I'd just go ahead and dedicate on post to it - and boy, was it a silly season! First off, we'll deal with the OUTGOINGS - there were a lot of players for one reason or another that I didn't keep(mostly age, but some didn't fit my system and some were just offers that I couldn't refuse). Ryan Gravenberch was sold to Wolves for $30M. He was not a key part of my squad, we were looking for younger options, and provided a good infusion of cash. Ethan Ampadu was sold to Liverpool for $25M. Ampadu was unhappy, 32 and ready to move on and we were ready to cash in. Xavier Mbuyamba leaves us for Burnley for around $25M after just one season. Still a very good player but he was aging out of my plans and we needed to cash in while his value was still as high as it was. Diego Lainez left us for Club America for $4.6M. It was time to send the 33 year-old home. Goalkeep Bartlomiej Dragowski was sold to Watford for $1M. He is nearing the end of his career and we were looking for a youthful replacement to mind the net for the foreseeable future. Samuele Barbaglio was sold to Crotone for $2M. He was in our greatest position of depth and the $2M was a good payday. Filip Stevanovic left us for Serie A rivals, Napoli. We weren't actively looking to sell him but they can in with a $40M offer and that was enough to move him on. Theophile Praud moved on after a loan spell to West Ham last season for $30.5M(possibly moving to $39M). He is a very good player but for the money that we were offered, it was too good to turn away. Now, the INCOMINGS. We brought in more players than we lost but spent much less than we got! Nuno Mendes came to us via a clause in his loan agreement(agreed before I took over) from Arsenal. He is still a very good player but will back up Pires on the left side of defense. The fee attached to the loan was $22.5M. Luis Camargo was a shrewd signing from Penarol in Uruguary. We spent just $1.5M on the midfielder and he looks as though he can play a prominent role in our future. Andre Cameron came to us on a fee from Arsenal and I'm much higher on him than the stars show. His physical and mental abilities are definitely at Serie A level and his passing is world-class! I think he has a part to play in bringing Juve back to the top! Also he had been on loan in Serie A(starting 33 matches for Atalanta two years back) and had broken into Arsenal's first team last season, starting 21 matches. Next up, we addressed our vacancy in the net with a young Turkish 'keeper! Cem Demir is a 22 year-old, Serie A ready keeper with world-class abilities! We bought him for $8.5M from Ajax and he looks to be a steal for us! Italian 16 year-old Roberto is a future play and comes to us for $1.5M from our rival Roma. If he can develop to his potential, he will be a big danger on the right wing. Our next signing is one that I'm very excited about! Giulio Di Biase comes to us after making 10 appearances for Roma and 212 for Torino for $11M. The stars show an average player but I really love his Mental and Physical attributes with decent defensive abilities! Roberto Bertozzi comes to us for a $3.3M. To be honest, this was a speculative bid and it doesn't look to be worth it as of now. Branko Djordjevic comes to us on-loan from Man City. To be fair, he looks a real talent! Nico Ebersbach comes to us from Bayer Leverkusen for $1.8M. He looks to have great potential and he can certainly improve mentally. Another real talent comes to us via Montpellier, Redouane Toual, a young Algerian, for $850K. He is already developing nicely but he needs to improve his finishing! Giorgio Tempesti is an attacking midfielder that comes to us from relegated Parma for $2.3M. He is a decent backup option with good physical attributes. Andres comes to us on loan from Southampton and will provide depth at our right back spot. Fabio Sousa comes to us from Hertha Berlin for just $4.7M. I think that we got an absolute bargain for the price and I'll likely be looking to move him into a central defender role, but it will be nice to have the versatility of using him in the midfield, as well. Finally, our replacement at right back comes with plenty of experience in Europe's top leagues and nearly 100 caps for his country. I saw an alert come across my desk that he'd been transfer-listed and we had to oblige. He has made 82 appearances for OL in Ligue 1 and 125 appearances for Watford in the Premier League, as well as 87 appearances for his native Kazakhstan..... Daniel Mukashev! We purchased him for $45M. With world class speed, acceleration, agility and balance, great dribbling, passing and crossing, he will be a menace in our right back spot. Welcome home.
  11. Competition and Club Rankings Now we'll see how far Juve have truly fallen. West Brom have fallen on hard times, too - sheesh.
  12. May 2033 / End of Season Update A terrible end of the season. After losing to Atalanta, we employed a much younger side and actually picked up a couple of points, still not good enough for a club of Juve's size. Inter win the league by one point! Crotone finish up mid-table! ***Juve Overall Best Eleven*** ***End of Season Awards*** ***Squad*** Bjorn Schulze took over after my hire and played better than Dragowski had all season. This is definitely a position in need of an upgrade. Xavier Mbuyamba was our regular Right Back and he was solid. Sander Berge and Damian Arias paired in the center of the defense down the stretc. Berge saw his 150th National Team cap, as well. Manuel Pires held down the Left Back spot and played well all season! Junior Bienvenu is the man in the middle that makes it all happen, and he was outstanding all season! Marco Passaro and Gabriele Russo were excellent as the Inside Forwards! They scored 16 and 10 goals, respectively. Finally, Gaona led the line with 19 goals! Now, the real work begins! The squad will be far different next season!
  13. April 2033 So, a lot has happened since taking over, both on and off the pitch. I've started to overhaul the squad by listing the players that I really don't have use for and scouting heavily in areas that I believe to have a lot of talent. So, life on the pitch started pretty badly with a home draw to then-bottom of the table Torino, followed up by a demolition at the hands of Inter. The press started then talking about pressure and perhaps the sack coming. Well, the team responded against bottom of the table sides, Benevento, Verona, and Parma(we eventually sealed their relegation). So, we sit just one point adrift of Atalanta and our next match is against - you guessed it - Atalanta! It really is all to play for! ***Players of the Month*** Junior Bienvenu has been magical for us since the start of April, registering 2 assists and a goal! Argentine Central Defender Damian Arias has been fabulous for us at the back, as well. He is a club stalwart, closing in on 300 appearances! Finally, Marco Passaro, operating as a Right Inside Forward, has provided 3 assists in 5 matches for us. He will work his way into the Senior National Team setup soon enough! ***Other interesting items*** I've brought a few youngster up into the senior team to get some training under their belt at a higher level. I've been reasonably impressed with most of them, including handing out a debut! Ivano Dalmasso, he has played very well for the U23 side so we brought him into the senior squad and give him some match time. He rewarded our faith with a nice little assist on his debut! I'm a little bit more encouraged by his attributes than the stars show but he definitely has work to do. Roberto Fernandez has been called up by France for the U20 World Cup, so we rewarded him with a call into the matchday 18. He has loads of potential but must work hard to realize it. Argentine number 10, Matias Mino, looks the part of a gifted Argentine advanced attacker. He has great first touch, dribbling, passing, technique and vision, he brings composure on the ball, can anticipate a pass, and has world-class flair. He can reach the first team if he cracks on in training but he'll probably go out on loan next season. He was excellent this season with our U23's in Serie C, recording 4 goals and 6 assists in 14 appearances. Tshepo Khumalo, a South African attacking midfielder, is already a Serie A regular at Udinese and a regular with the National Team. I'd like to give him a look with the first team in pre-season next year. Eduardo Libro is another highly-talented attacking midfielder that was stashed in our U23 side. He has the attributes to be a good player for us, he just needs to perform better in training! Silvio Spadavecchia is a left-sided inside forward . His technical ability is the only thing holding him back right now but he can certainly improve and be around the first team in the years to come. One of the Jewels of our academy, Mario Cerami has been promoted just to train with the first team. Can he reach his great promise???? Time will tell. Finally, one of the other jewels of the academy crown is Matteo Monzeglio, who can play up and down the right side of the pitch. Again, he has plenty of promise but still has a long way to go.
  14. He made the most of his career by dominating after moving to FCSB and then RB Salzburg - I guess winning everything there enamored the Juve board to go after him.
  15. Let's Restore a Fallen Giant. So, Rank's career journey has taken him from Shenkolli, Albania to Warsaw, Poland to Vigo, Spain to Kiev, Ukraine and now onto Turin, Italy. Their reputation has dropped..... The club are clamoring for success, having not won the Serie A since 2019/2020. And, boy, did the club need a change. Facilities look great Finances look a bit mismanaged. Hopefully we can curb the trend of Sackings. Rank follows up Cristiano Ronaldo. And our staff includes Sergio Ramos. Finally, the squad. It's.....ok. Let's see where this goes!
  16. Youth Intake Not the best of intakes. Matkobozhyk - could be a depth option down the line. Galenko - If he goes where the black stars say he could, he could be a solid player.
  17. International Call-Ups ***First Cap Alert!*** Vladimir Kulik and Artem Romanchuk are seeking their first U-21 Cap! Rod Pierce looking for his first cap at any level Edson Rosales looking for his first SENIOR USA cap! Let's go young man!
  18. Well, look at that..... I've not applied, nor have I ever managed in Italy on FM.
  19. Winter Break 2033 A perfect set of friendlies with a couple of impressive wins against Russian Premier League sides! Hopefully that will prep us for Dinamo Zagreb. ***Transfers*** Outbound We see Afanasjev and Ben Howard go to Chinese Super League side, Renhe for a combined $31.5M. Afanasjev was a rotational depth player for us but was had made 146 appearances for us over the last 6 seasons. Howard was a two-time player under Rank and came in on a fee, so $9M was a big win for us, especially given his declining role since Duarte joined us. Still, it was sad to see him go as he was a player that I still saw value in. Now for the fun part: INBOUND! First, Camilo Lagos came to us on a free from Union Espanola in Chile. He is a player that I believe has good potential but he is still a long ways off. Still, we couldn't pass him by for free. Next up, we signed Iranian Central defender Ghader Safavi from Iranian side Sepahan. He looks like a steal as he came to us for just $625K. At just 19, he is already a regular for the national side. He looks like he can be a Ball Playing Defender as I try to move to that sort of central defender. We then saw Uruguayan Nicanor Lopez join us from our affiliate, Defensor Sporting - the second player to come as a result of this affiliation! We bought him for $2.4M. Lopez is a VERY VERY VERY tiny, 5'3", 141 lb. right Inside Forward. He looks to be a little wizard on the wing, with decent pace/acceleration/Agility, very good dribbling/First Touch, Excellent dribbling, good off the ball skill, and great long shots and technique with a dash of flair! I'm very excited about this player. As interest in dos Reis heats up, Lopez will see more and more minutes. Finally, our last signing to join us this window......oh boy, what a mistake I've made..... Backstory - my first-choice Right Inside Forward, dos Reis, began to see significant transfer interest in the neighborhood of $25M from Chinese sides. I declined a bid and he moaned about leaving, I told him that I'd accept the next one.... the next day, another bid comes in, I accept - end of story. Feeling rushed to find a replacement(as I only had the outgoing dos Reis and the new Lopez), I knew that I needed to make a splash with all of this incoming transfer cash and I wanted it to be a Ukrainian boy. So, after minimal scouting and $28.5M - yes, TWENTY-EIGHT AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS - we had purchased Yury Prokhorov from Anderlecht.... we had a tailor-made replacement for dos Reis. Well, dos Reis decided that he was happy to stay with the club and rejected the contract offer.... Now I'm saddled with a big wage($2.49M per year) and a second very good Right Inside Forward/Striker..... Oh, well. We've also lined up some future transfers! First up is a player that I found while mass-scouting Eastern European national teams and reminds me a lot of a player that I once bought a long time ago! Nikoloz Tskhadadze is a 17 year-old Georgian Right back that has great potential, a fairly professional personality and will join us next February. We spent a speculative $1.8M on him and we'll see what happens. Finally, my Chief Scout found this gem from OM. He is still years off of his best but the potential and personality are there for all to see. He will join us next January for $4.8M. Also interesting that he has a second nationality of Algerian.... very cool! ***EURO Cup II Second Knockout Round Draw*** ***New Youth Affiliate*** Exceptional Youth Recruitment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we'll get some Chinese players in!
  20. Thanks for the kind words! I would love to get Mukashev back in my squad! It's very gratifying to have identified a player that would go on to be world-class so early on(I spotted him when he was just 16!) - though I had no idea what exactly he'd become!!!! As for my tactics, I use the word positions AML and AMR simply to refer to my wide, advanced players - but, I don't use out-and-out wingers, I employ Inside Forwards, with an Advanced Playmaker in support. This allows me to get at least three in the box on the attack(since we play gegenpress) if we can win the ball in the opponent's defensive area. I also employ attacking full backs, which still requires a lot of two-way work but still maintains some defensive responsibility(rather than wing backs that are generally attack first, obviously depending on their instruction. This quickly flips us from a more defensive posture to an attacking one very quickly, often while the opponent are piling forward to counter us. Another big identifier of my tactic is our desire to have as much of the ball as possible but when we get into the final third, we are going for goal nearly immediately. Here is the specific tactic that I generally employ: So the premise of my tactic is to have as much of the ball as possible and also to challenge the opposition defense as much as possible. So, the shorter passing allows us to be safe with the ball when it is in the center of the park and I like to pair that with the run at defense, which frees up my inside forwards to cut inside and try to unbalance the wide defenders. This also draws the outside backs into the box, which allows for my full backs to show in attacking, wide positions and to hit crosses in. The other part is through the center of my midfield - first, I like to have an advanced playmaker in support to sit underneath the attacking three and pick out passes(so flair, technique, passing and decisions are crucial. Joining him at times are the deeper-lying Advanced playmaker and box to box midfielder. As you would guess, we prefer to be on the front foot and if we are to be beaten, it is usually by a team that will either try to possess more of the ball(and have better players) or teams that counter us into oblivion. I prefer short distribution(goalkeeper rolling the ball out) and to begin my attacks from the wide areas. Defensively, we just press hard - we don't allow the goalkeeper to roll it out, we mark tightly, we press urgently and we engage higher up the pitch. Statistically, it is what you would guess. 1. We see a lot more of the ball than anyone else. 2. We score a lot of goals. 5. We put a lot of shots on target.... a lot 4. We like to get our players in one-on-one situations 5. We don't allow a lot of goals, but can be prone to disasters on set pieces. 6. Through balls from our midfield are a key and there are multiple options to pick out(2 wide players cutting inside and our advanced forward) Here are our team stats for goals. Our strikers, Levchenko and Sydorenko account for the majority of our goals, followed by our inside forwards dos Reis, Eduardo, Man'ko. Our central players, Kovalchuk(AP), Malan(CM - Advanced Playmaker, Support), Davydov(AP) and finally, our defenders(as we don't often score off of set pieces). Finally, our assists. The bulk of our assists come through the center of the pitch, lead by Bustamente, who plays as a CM(Advanced Playmaker, support), followed by Levchenko(ST - AF), Davydov(AMC-AP), Sydorenko(ST-AF), and Kovalchuk(AMC - AP) is up there with three. As you get down towards the lower end of the list, you'll see our wider players - dos Reis(Right Inside Forward), Duarte(right back), Figueroa(left back), Man'ko(left inside forward). Stats can obviously be manipulated but I think that we do a good job of playing the way that I intend to play, and at the end of the day, that's why I play - to enjoy the identity of football that I like to see and that I prefer to play and it's very neat to see the players actually executing it as I intend it Hope that's what you were looking for, @glennuk
  21. Youth Intake Preview! I really enjoy seeing that there's a local boy who could be a real talent! I'm also hoping to see some of my youth affiliates begin to pay off by way of prospects. We'll see!
  22. Around the world! Champions League Europa League EURO Cup II Premier League Wow, the last 13 seasons have season a total of 4 teams in the top 3 - Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, and Man U La Liga Not too many surprises here. Ligue 1 Maybe France will be my next stop to break up the PSG dynasty?!?!?!? Really neat to see Stade Lavallois in the top-flight from the National. Bundesliga Hertha have established themselves as one of the top clubs, being in the top 3 in 4 of the last 5 seasons. Same with Schalke, who have been in the top 3 in 7 of the past 9 seasons. Serie A Serie A seems to be the most dynamic league in terms of title winners. Juve have not won the Scudetto in 12 seasons and have finished outside of the top 3 on 6 occasions. World Cup Norway runners-up in 2026. Euros Interesting! Champions League
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