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  1. New updates fixed the issues for me too, thanks @Jack Joyce and others. Edit: After playing a few matches, the lag seems to still be there but comes and goes during the match.
  2. Just to add another user here who had no issues until this latest update. I’ve tried the fixes suggested here with no success. Everything seems just a little more sluggish, for example when on the inbox screen on the previous update I could hold down the spacebar to skip through all the unread messages, now holding down the space bar doesn’t skip through all the messages and has to be done one at a time. The match engine lag isn’t game breaking for me, but it is noticeably laggier than the previous update. Laptop specs are i7-6700hq and 960m. just thought I’d add my specs here, as the staff have already acknowledged the issue probably best to let them try get to the bottom of it.
  3. Thanks for taking the time for such a detailed response, i was undecided on whether to include tighter marking as a team instruction or just to select certain players but i'll try it out and see how it works out. Thanks again for the help.
  4. Hi all, I’m trying to create a tactic which is similar to Simeone’s 4-4-2 at Atletico Madrid. In my head and from what I’ve read they seem to set up in a mid block which will press high up the pitch with the two strikers to try and regain possession, but if that press is beaten they drop back to their mid block and try and win the ball back in midfield through coordinated pressing traps. I was just looking for some advice on how to set up the defensive line and line of engagement to achieve this. My initial thoughts were perhaps a balanced or cautious mentality with a standard or higher defensive line and then perhaps a lower line of engagement. The only problem I see with a lower LOE is the front two being too passive. I’m basing most of this replication on how they set up in the 2018 Europa league final, mainly because the game is readily available on YouTube to rewatch and there’s a good analysis of the match on spielverlagerung.
  5. I’ve had the non touch version of this laptop for the last three years, no issues until this years football manager edition where I’m seeing some stuttering in the 2D engine. Although at this stage I can’t say whether that’s due to the machine or the game. Graphically it gives three stars but under recommended for the pc settings it sets everything to high. Multi-tasking is efficient although generally I’m not browsing too much when FM is on. I’d say it’s still a solid laptop but the graphics card is a bit dated, depends how much your paying for it though I suppose.
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