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  1. Hi Jack, Thanks for getting back to me, just tried your suggestion and it doesn't have any impact on the lag unfortunately. I was however tinkering about with it last night and think i've identified the issue but as of yet haven't found the solution. Its something to do with poor performance when running on battery rather than the CPU or GPU, when unplugged and not charging the lags there, if plugged in and charging the game runs as smooth as ever. I don't have an issue with playing only when the AC adapters plugged in, however once the laptop is fully charged the lag returns because the power's no longer supplying the laptop. This is even when the laptops set to maximum performance in the Windows power settings. I've found another user with what sounds like a similar issue here, Just wondered if there were any other settings that can be altered to deal with this issue, or if @Andrew_Goats_Gruff found any solution to it.
  2. Hi @Jack Joyce, Was this issue addressed in the last patch before Christmas? I'm still getting lag in the 2D Engine and like you said on Page 1, i think this issue (or maybe just my case) relates to the CPU rather than the GPU. Just to mention again the CPU is a i7- 6700 HQ and the GPU Nvidia 960m , if the Dxdiag would help i'll post it. So far i've tried: Tweaking Nvidia's control panel to the optimal settings as set out on here Doing a fresh install of the latest graphics drivers Running the command prompt in the launch options of "-disable_threading_optimisations" Running on the lowest graphical settings, the lags exactly the same as when its set to its highest. Having taken those steps to no avail, i'd say this issue does relate to the CPU like you said previously. So far i've tried running FM with nothing else running which has no effect, i've also tried running a skeleton database of just one league and a small database and still get the lag. I should add too that i've removed the graphics pack i had and cleared the cache and preferences folder, again with no effect. I just wondered if you've been able to narrow down this issue , and if so if it relates to the CPU or the GPU. Sorry for the lengthy post and appreciate the work your doing here.
  3. I’ve had the non touch version of this laptop for the last three years, no issues until this years football manager edition where I’m seeing some stuttering in the 2D engine. Although at this stage I can’t say whether that’s due to the machine or the game. Graphically it gives three stars but under recommended for the pc settings it sets everything to high. Multi-tasking is efficient although generally I’m not browsing too much when FM is on. I’d say it’s still a solid laptop but the graphics card is a bit dated, depends how much your paying for it though I suppose.
  4. Same experience with the same card although my issue relates to the 2D Classic view haha. I’ve got the 960m GPU and get intermittent stuttering, which I’m sure shouldn’t be happening with the 2D classic view. Like most in here I’ve tried the suggested fixes but have yet to find one which solves the problem. I thought I’d sorted it when I switched the performance power settings to maximum performance but I came back to the game last night and the stuttering had returned. I just wondered if Si were working on a fix (if one exists).
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