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  1. Yeah without really spending any cash as I felt bad for the salford board lol
  2. Here were Danny Lloyds stats since starting with Salford. Pretty impressive for a left winger Simon Le Heffy https://bit.ly/2GnnWJ3
  3. pond is another good player for salford for me
  4. That explains why he always gets offers from north of the border after the first season. He's really difficult to keep hold of
  5. I've done really well with wingers set up in the line below the 2 strikers. Almost looks like a 4-2-2-2 tactic. I set one of the 2 to attacking winger, and the other to support winger. At salford, I used lloyd and Gaffney as my lw (sup) and rw (att). crosses set to mixed and aim to centre. Seemed to get about 15-20 assists for lloyd and about 20 goals for gaffney, mainly coming from crosses from the lw to rw. Maybe it's just a poor league, but it continued all the way up to promotion to the premiership with similar stats. Try them out if you're starting a new game. Hope this helps!
  6. I really rate Adam Rooney of Salford for a lower league start. He scores around 20-30 goals for the first 2-3 years and isnt very expensive. Check him out! I also think that his Salford team mate Lloyd, an attacking left winger, despite having pretty poor stats, works really well as a left winger! Let me know what you think of them Simon Le Heffy https://bit.ly/2GnnWJ3
  7. this is a really good guide. well done buddy!
  8. And he replied with; Some systems I see posted are the exact opposite of that, so there are loads of people high up the pitch and nobody behind offering an easy out ball. When that happens, you tend to get the high shot counts, low shot accuracy (high blocked shots) and low overall chance conversion. You need to let the players have the space and time to make the right decision. And I agree with him. I think this goal highlights those key things and shows them in practise. My front four and the midfield all work together. The striker and th
  9. GOT IT! So 4 star current, 5 star potential, but only 4 silver at WR compared to 4 star current, 5 star potential at 1 gold star WR means that the latter is better by two levels and so on
  10. That's really helpful, I note the 2 x AF !!! comment. I'm trying different tactics but I can only ever get one striker to score but I like 2 strikers
  11. 4-2-2-2 Two BPD (def) in the middle, two IWB (support) 1 BBM and 1 DLP on support 2 wingers on support 2 AF on attack
  12. I am getting hammered from the wide attackers crossing for headers in the box, but I play 4 at the back so surely the 2 centre backs should easily mark out the single striker, while the IWB should mark out the wide strikers. Has anyone got any idea of if it's better to play wide or narrow defence versus this tactic and do you man mark the wingers?
  13. I read a good guide on FM Scout website (of which I have no connection at all) which tells you a bit more about players instructions and settings. Worth a read, just search online
  14. I have a few questions that I have no idea how to answer, can anyone fill in the void? In the below picture - what is the difference between World Reputation when it's in silver or gold? I'm assuming gold 1 star is better than silver 5 star, but does anyone know what it means? Does any one know where you find the column to add scout recommendation? I have gone through them all and must be completely blind as I can't see it anywhere. Thankful for any advice
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