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  1. What is the best way, to create a Tactic. If you have a Tactic in your head, how do you start building it. Create a new save, Save the Game right before a game, and then directly load the save after the game, to change the tactic, and then start the game again, to see the changes? Or is there another / simpler way to Create / tweak Tactics, without the waiting between league-games in an actual Save-Game?
  2. Thank you very much for your answer A few questions, and again, sorry for my broken english Ü Reading the Description, haven the WB on Support, would lead to them playing crosses from midfield, instead of the goal-line. My Idea behind the Crosses from Goal-Line is, that at least 1 defender is moved out of the box, so there are less people in it. If this is halfway understandable. do you mean instead of the BWM, or as a Partner for the BWM?
  3. Hello Everyone, I hope someone of you can help me. (Sorry, English is not my native language, so in advance, please forgive me for all spelling and grammer errors you may find :). You are more then welcome to include corrections into your answer, if you wish ) See bottom for Edits. I tried with a lot of different positions, formations, and controls, but never saw what I tried to achieve. For better understanding I'll guide you through my target playstyle, my thought process and what I want to achieve, and see on the pitch, after that, I try to explain, how my attempts failed, and what formation / Tactics I use. ------------------------------Conditions --------------------- I want 2 Striker on the field. I want to be somehow strong against counters. I want a strong defense. I don't want a random pre-created downloaded WIN-Tactic, but want to understand better what and how things work. -------------------------------- Ideal Play --------------------- Goalkeeper plays to Defender > Defender passes to Midfielder (Central) > Midfielder passes out on the Wing > Winger crosses into the box > Goal. (Well, at least an attempt on the goal ^^) ----------- Thought Process ----------- I don't want 4 Offensive Players (2 Striker + 2 Offensive Wingers), so I've gone with 2 WB, in addition to 3CBs (so either 5 defenders, or 3, depends on how you look at it) WBs should walk down the line when in possession, and fall back, to my own box to defend, when opponent posession, to defend against crosses from the enemy. 2 CMs, 1 BWM DE to stay back with the 3 CBs, to always have 4 defensive players, to be good against counters, 1 DLP to make the connection from defense to Attack) 1 AM (or Engache) As some kind of controlling Midfielder, that distributes the ball to the wings. 2 striker, 1 Attacking, 1 supporting that attacking Striker. So, in an attacking situation, I have 2 Strikers, 1 AM, 1 CM, 2 WBs (=6 Attacking) and 3CB + 1 CM (=4 Defending against opponent counters) In defending Situation I have 3CBs, 2 WBs 1CM (=6 Defenders), and 2 Striker, 1AM, 1CM (=4 ready to counter). ----------------- what happens ------------------ in Attacking: The CBs passing the ball a few times in my own half from CB to CB, WBs staying in own half. Then a pass to one of the WBs, wich plays a deep cross onto the other flank, completly ignoring my midfielders, and then a cross directly hitting the defender, that ends in a corner. Sometimes (like, every 60 minutes or something), the play is completly working as planned, wich leads to an instant goal. In Defending: WBs are orienting themself close to the box, not defending against enemy wingers. CBs leaving formation, to attack in the Midfield, because my BWM was near the enemy box. ------ Tactics ----- 3-4-1-2 (3CBs, 2WB,2CM, 1AM,2 Striker). Striker Attacking False 9 AM: AT CM: DLP:SU CM:BWM:DE 2x WB:AT 2x CB: DE 1x CB:CO Play out of Defense Play through the middle Overlap left & Right Shorter Passing Slower Tempo Work the Ball in the Box Edit 1: looking through this Forum, I think I should switch CB : Cover to Ball Playing CB, in order to play the ball from Defense in the Midfield. Is this correct, or would the BPCB just take the ball, and kick it directly to my strikers?
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