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  1. Hi again, Hope you are doing well, when you have time can you give me a quick advice on a couple things, please: started a new save with the great Benfica but the name of the players in the shirt has always with this blue colour, dont know if it was me when i was changing things, it doesnt happen on other teams with the same colours: and the second question is if there is a way of putting the player position in the space bellow the stats at the right in that empty space. Thank you very much.
  2. Still adjusting the info of the position of the player, but already looks way better: Can't thank you enough for your patience.
  3. Perfect, really like this one: almost done, it was only needed resizing or just removing one of the panels to see all the info, im really happy with the result: the only thing that i changed was the background colour for the news but still dealing with this panel for the report of the next match opponent: i think the file is this one "pre match opponent scout report news panel"? did the change in line 22 "<widget class="object_portrait_picture" height="20" width="20" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="tru
  4. just tried all the options and didnt work, yes, with “height=“300” no details. With different alignment: No worries, minor setback. Dont want to bother you too much, but just have this 3 panels to finish, can you just point me to the place where i can change-it please, one of them i already changed once, and now i cannot find the file for it: the baby blue is too bright for me, just want to change for another colour bigger pictures i managed to put bigger kits in the end of the match panel, but cannot f
  5. hi, the club part is done, but the match couldnt do it, deleting didnt work, now i tried this, still not working: <widget class="table" id="miit" layout="40,-1" row_spacing="-7" auto_size_rows="true" fixed_size_rows="false"> <list id="column_properties"> <record index="0" alignment="centre,centre_y" default_height="300" minimum_height="300" /> <record index="1" alignment="left,centre_y" spec="control" colour="match text" /> </list> Thank you very much for your help, i un
  6. Thank you so much, first time trying to adjust panels, but i had to do it with this beautiful skin.
  7. Hi, Thank you for your work, awesome skin, really appreciated. The game is way better with you're skin. I play with a old Mac so i have to adjust some of the panels, but in this 2 panels i couldn't do it: In the first one, in the column for the manager and captains, i would like to remove the letters for the name of the country to fit the column, and in the second one, when there is more than one goal or card, the information is behind the panel. Thank You
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