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  1. Yes. I think the problem is that I am currently living in China. It seems to suggest the site thinks I am a bot. Everyone seems to say its ok so maybe I will log in with steam as it requests.
  2. It will only let me log in if I use steam that's why it just raised a red flag in mind. Thanks for the answer.
  3. Hi I want to install some logo and face packs but the site asks me to log in via steam. Is this site safe? Its a shame that there doesn't seem to be any packs via steam which would make it so much easier for me (computer illiterate). Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all. I find the steam workshop never seems to show any results when I search for these. Does anyone know where on the steam workshop I can find these kind of packs. Any recommendations?
  5. Well it is the end of the season. I tried to apply when it was announced that Zidane had left. As I say it wouldn't let me. Then like a week or so later they employ the current manager of galatasary in my save. so I went back to the save point just to check and added a human manager and resigned. Again still couldn't apply. I guess they must have black balled me I would love it, if it was because I beat them in Europe so that's how I will imagine it lol.
  6. Also to go one step further. Once they appointed a manager I ran a test. I added a new human manager to PSG and retired. Again I could not apply for the post.
  7. So the PSG job has become available. I can declare an interest but I cannot submit an application either through the team page or through the job security page. They don't have a caretaker manager and in game status I have manageable teams ticked as "all". Is there a reason why I cannot apply?
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