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  1. Hi I was told to start my own topic regarding this issue. My mac crashes and the screen turns black when playing FM19 Touch. Steam is up to date. Apple confirms that FM19 is the issue because it is not updated for the Mojave update. By clicking right on Fm19 Touch and FM19 in Steam I can see, that everything is up to date and that is automatically updates. I am playing on iPad and Mac and before the Mojave update there were no issues. Can you please assist me. Thank you very much Best, Rasmus
  2. This is also an issue for me. Installing Steam it says that steam and FM19 is not up to date. Can you do anything?
  3. @Declan Holbem - Hi Declan Did you guys fix this problem? I only get "tactics" on sky and to be honest it is annoying not being able to play on the iPad when I paid for it.
  4. @bombjaxx Can you explain to me, how you did it. When I try it looks like this: Mac: Ipad: Thanks
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