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  1. 2023-2024 - Buckie Thistle F.C. - Ladbrokes League 1 - January-February 2024 My Job Rumours were abound. I'd been wanting the opportunity to take Buckie up to the Ladbrokes Championship, but I was also attracting interest from other clubs. 23rd January 2024 During a match day press interview, I expressed an interest in the vacancy at Hamilton Academical. This upset the board: 31st January 2024 Hamilton wanted to talk to me about the manager role: 4th February 2024 I get a contract offer from Hamilton Accies: I looked over the contract again and again, wondering if I was
  2. 2023-2024 - Buckie Thistle F.C. - Ladbrokes League 1 - January 2024 Transfers No transfer activity to talk about. I didn't make any signings, and only 3 players went back out on loan. Competitions We were never really expecting to take anything from this match, but we really didn't do ourselves justice. The plus side was the payday. We did not bad in January, I was pleased with the results against Clyde and Partick Thistle, which I saw as crucial results in the campaign, given the league table. But just how much would it matter?
  3. 2023-2024 - Buckie Thistle F.C. - Ladbrokes League 1 - Mid-Season Report Competitions An okay performance in this cup this year. Made it to the Quarter Finals, and we were unlucky to lose to Arbroath. Not as good as in previous seasons, as we failed to get out of the group stage. Only one match this half of the season. 25/11/2023 we beat Arbroath 3-1, and set up a home tie with Celtic on 20/1/2024. Well, would you look at that! We had a very pleasing run up until the end of December, only losing 2 matches. We looked really strong, again defying the pundits. Could we ma
  4. 2023 - 2024 - Buckie Thistle - Ladbrokes League 1 - July-December 2023 Keen to keep up the momentum from the last season, I began by looking at the squad. Transfers In A mix of free transfers and loan signings. Mitch Megginson and Steve Jones were two targets I had on the radar since last season. I was glad when they signed and both have been doing well. The loan signings were brought in to bolster the main core of the team - they've only really had mixed success. Out All loans to other clubs. Preseason News Friendlies We didn't fare too badly, with only St Johnstone
  5. Good luck with the job hunt! Think I'll try an air miles challenge for my next save. Having to use claasens db files though, as I've been having issues installing the Riddler's megapack - think I read that it maybe because I missed out on FM18.
  6. That'll teach me for doing updates at 6 in the morning Fixed now. Thanks for spotting.
  7. Elsewhere in Europe - 2022-2023 ScotlandSPL Winners: Celtic (x12).SPL Runner Up: Aberdeen.ECC Qualifiers: Celtic, Aberdeen.Europa Qualifiers: St Mirren (Scottish Cup winners), Hearts (3rd); Rangers (4th)Relegated: Ayr United, Livingston.Scottish Cup Winners: St Mirren.BetFred Cup Winners: Hearts.IrnBru Cup Winners: Dunfermline.EnglandEPL Winners: Manchester City (x6)EPL Runner Up: Arsenal.ECC Qualifiers: Liverpool (Europa Lg Winners), Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea (3rd), Manchester Utd (4th).Europa Qualifiers: Tottenham Hotspur (6th), Watford (7th).Relegated: Newcastle Utd, Middlesbroug
  8. Next Season I'll try to build on the performance this season. Quite a lot of contracts were up at the end of this season, and there's going to be a bit of a clear out, both on the squad, and with some of my backroom staff. Hopefully we'll snatch a playoff spot.
  9. 2022-2023 - Buckie Thistle F.C. - Ladbrokes Scottish League 1 - End of Season Report And at our awards night: And finally, the Chairman gave his assessment of my performance.
  10. 2022-2023 - Buckie Thistle F.C. - Ladbrokes Scottish League 1 - January-May 2023 My Job The second half of the year saw me linked to a number of different clubs. I was still waiting a response from Hamilton Academical, and it appeared in my inbox on 2nd January: No luck there, but I was linked to Brechin City, Partick Thistle, Dundee United, and St. Mirren. When I declared interest in the St. Mirren job, I hadn't been prepared for the reaction! The St. Mirren fans were looking forward to it... But our Chairman didn't take it so well... So in I went, and did my best... You
  11. 2022-2023 - Buckie Thistle F.C. - Ladbrokes Scottish League 1 - January-May 2023 The second half of the season gets underway and the first thing I need to do is to see if there are areas of the team which could be strengthened. Transfers In Brought in Matty Allan (DC) and Rabin Omar (M/AM R). The fans were just a bit unhappy about me bringing in Omar as Elgin City are out fierce rivals, but after a few appearances they accepted him. Matty Allan was a young prospect, developed by Montrose and wasted in the Highland League - he's done OK since joining us. Out Two players given transf
  12. No problem. So many threads being updated, this one can end up on the second page after half a day. Cheers. It's going well so far. Better than expected. I was surprised Jamaica weren't named as overachievers at the World Cup. Maybe it was based on FIFA rankings.
  13. Well done on the 7th place finish and the European qualification! Looking forward to see how The Rams fare in Europe.
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