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  1. 2022/23 League Table Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Transfers Good year! At times we where touching the playoff spots. However a 10th finish is a great building block heading into next year. The players standing out this year was Rumarn Burrell who we loaned in from Middlesbrough. Utility man Tyrone O'Neill who featured both as a striker and winger throughout the season. Lastly despite high goal against -> defender Emmanuel Onariase was by average rating our best performer. However the highlight of the season wasn't from any player or our performance in the league. But from reaching the 3rd r
  2. 2021/22 League Table Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Transfers I signed a total of 18 players during the season with the larger portion of course coming in during the summer. There is no much point in giving any of the players much spotlight. But if I was too praise anyone it would be De'marlio Brown-Sterling who scored 38 goals and assisted 10 times in the league. As the fixture pictures shows we didn't have the best of starts. Then Shakie (De'Marlio Brown-Sterling actual middle name) started scoring for fun. I was hopeful this would spark good form. But we had too go trough another hurdle of ba
  3. Long time since I have taken on this journey. Taken FM way too casually lately. Looking forward too sink in with a proper deep dive save.
  4. HbG93 - AC Cesena 2031/32Table - Stats - Best Eleven - Serie A Best Eleven - Finances - Facilities - Commercial Summary - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 The Year: A weaker year this time around, but we still were able to cling onto the European spots. And our showing in the Europa League was very good! We got out of a rather tough group, and from there we got rather favorable draws until we meet Arsenal. Our performance helped out clubs reputation grow a little, but more importantly! As I spoke about last time around. We built very important coefficients! Back home we also got th
  5. Wish I could buyback ex Youth intake players. Sad too see Achraf Bouayadi 24A only getting 14 games in 4 seasons for Bayern.
  6. HbG93 - AC Cesena 2030/31Table - Stats - Best Eleven - Serie A Best Eleven - Finances - Facilities - Commercial Summary - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 The Year: It was tough too start the year off with the departure of Francesco Pulazzi 25B too Juventus. He had a forced release clause for European football by his agent. We are well compensated for his departure but our finances have had no issues since the sale of Achraf Bouayadi 24A or really since we arrived in the Serie A. The loss of his presence in the defensive line will be felt. Going into the season itself we were flyin
  7. HbG93 - AC Cesena 2029/30Table - Stats - Best Eleven - Finances - Facilities - Commercial Summary - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 The Year: No big exit too halter our progress this year. We did loan out quite a few players with most going too affiliate clubs too run their contracts out. I am looking into further developing Giordano Cappelletti 27B, Matteo Correnti 28A and Luigi Bruno 29A into first team starters. Cappelletti feels like a center midfielder with higher potential than most of our starters outside Amerighi 26A. Admittedly he is a bit underdeveloped for his age, but
  8. HbG93 - AC Cesena 2028/29Table - Sadly Forgot Squad Stats - Best Eleven - Finances - Facilities - Commercial Summary - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 The Year: The season started off with a tough hit too our first team quality as FC Bayern activated the 60 million euros release fee clause for our star man Achraf Bouayadi 24A. The good news about this sale is the fact we are now flushed with cash. We already had a huge positive cash flow due too the TV Money in Serie A. But adding the cash from this sale on top of that. We are in a position were we I hope the chairman will never a
  9. Big boys nowYear 9 Welcome too our very first season in the Serie A! While there was much joy and pride over the fact we were here. There was no illusion in my mind. This would be the toughest year of the journey yet. I was however quite confident that we had a team that would not only survive, but be able too stay ahead of the relegation battle. Of course as a newly promoted side we were hotly tipped as one of the go to relegation sides. This didn't really bother me as I had other things occupying my mind. The two biggest was the fact Achraf Bouayadi 24A and Stefano Alemanni 23B both wer
  10. HbG93 - AC Cesena 2027/28Table - End of season Squad - Best Eleven - Finances - Facilities - Commercial Summary - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 The Year: Our first outing in the Serie A went quite well! A 15-6-17 record I would wager is a very impressive showing for us. We scored 51 goals and conceded 66 giving us a -15 goal difference. Nothing pretty about that. However considering the fact we had a change of goalkeeper from a Serie A level goalkeeper in Stefano Alemanni 23B too the young Lorenzo Napoli 24D. This was because Stefano announced his intention too let his expiring
  11. Let's catch up on Serie A I took me until the 9th season before my Cesena team was allowed too play Serie A football. But during our 3 years in the Lega Pro Girone B and 5 in the Serie B Eurobet what happened in the Serie A TIM? Join me as I take a look on the 6 teams little look at media's 5 favorite teams, and explore the history of the years played. Let's just start with the most curious thing. Who had won Serie A during the 8 years. What storyline would we find? Have a team broken Juventus winning streak, or have they carried on? Maybe we have a bit back and forth going on. Well if we
  12. New HeightsYear 8 Welcome too my eight season! Time flies. Going into this year I had quite a bit of decisions too make. At the end of last year I hat attempted playing a 5-3-2 after the arrival of the very talented Pierluigi Ameri. This is because I also already had two young, and well developing center midfielders in Andrea Coffi 22B and Luciano Mingiano 23C. I figured that with the lack of a proper right winger talent too develop. I might as well start looking into a way too play a trio setup in the midfield. The tactical style would remain very much the same it was more about finding
  13. HbG93 - AC Cesena 2026/27Table - End of season Squad - Best Eleven - Finances - Facilities - Commercial Summary - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 The Year: For this season I spoke about not being sure if we were ready for an proper promotion bid. I mean too be fair I had come close having been in 2 playoff finals so far. My sights were set somewhere around that area this year. Get into the playoffs and from there just do our best. Turns out the season went far better than I expected. Achraf Bouayadi 24A had a wonderful year yet again! We had a period were we struggled too score, s
  14. @Braumiller Pierluigi Amerighi 26A is scary good. Never felt so paranoid about losing a player.
  15. @Braumiller Admir Jukic working on becoming a early favorite, and congrats on getting the start on facility upgrades.
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