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  1. Lørenskog IF - Eliteserien - 2029 Squad - Transfers - Finances 2029 Youth Intake It was no lie that the intake was full of centre-backs! Starting with Martin Garly 29A the top prospect who is definitely competitive right winger among our ranks, and same goes for defender Rene Marcelin 29B. William Bjella 28C is also quite decent but I do prefer Rene over him. After this it becomes a bit more if they actually are able to develop. I am more excited about the quality our intake has next year. That is if we survive the top division of course. Note I signed Fjørestrand 29D trough a y
  2. Lørenskog IF - OBOS-Ligaen - 2028 Squad - Transfers - Finances 2028 Youth Intake It's the most wonderful time of the year. First up let's talk about top prospect Owain Jones 28A our Welsh workhorse. His physicals leaves a bit to be desired for his play style, but at 15 his physicals has plenty of room to grow. However his mental makeup is quite solid so I have hopes for him. Moving on we got P-C. Liabø28B who is a playmaker type of midfielder however is athleticism is a worry, but with good mental growth this man can safely pull the strings. While the intake promises high potential I
  3. Praying he goes under the radar! Helps that hes a defender. All my attackers hemorrhages transfer bids
  4. Lørenskog IF - OBOS-Ligaen - 2027 Squad - Transfers - Finances 2027 Youth Intake I expected a dip in the quality from the intakes. However we yet again have a intake with several players being assessed as high potential. The standout player is obviously S. Kildhal 27A who comes at a 4.5 current ability! It should come as no surprise that he was immediately be put into the first team. I feel like the rest aren't much to share right now. But lets go with C. Rørvik 27B who is our usual got some pace winger, and B. Aase 27C a doubled side full-back who could prove a handy utility too
  5. Lørenskog IF - OBOS-Ligaen - 2026 Squad - Transfer This looks like a real promising intake! Plenty of assumed potential but also a couple that could have the ability, to help the first team from the get go. Stein Vidar Wahl 26A is this years designated top prospect, and I would argue with good reason. He has a good makeup to be a typical winger. His personality and determination however is less than desirable. Lars Eirik Meyer 26B is a great addition to our squad! I very much needed to get a proper left-back prospect. Personally I prefer Kristian Næverdal 26D over Milosz Kalinkowski
  6. Lørenskog - OBOS-ligaen - 2025 Squad - Transfer A very exciting intake indeed! Let's start with assumed top propsect Mohammed Hussain 25A. I have been looking forward to add competition in my central midfield, and while Hussain lack of physicality as a worry for now. I plan to already allow him first team play in hopes to ramp up his progress. Moving on with Mahmoud Karlstad 25B our new striker prospect. He's not on the level of last years addition Frank Midtun, but still has an alright base to build on. We have usually gotten a winger that can come in handy. This years best winger i
  7. Well if you follow XaW picking condition. I believe Finland looks a bit like a larger UK on the map.
  8. Lørenskog IF - OBOS-Ligaen - 2024 Squad - Transfers Bois! We have our first so-called golden generation. Unfortunately I can't find the actual intake picture in my steam folder, so in compromise I will let the best player get extra exposure. We are graced by the presence of the Frank Midtun 24A. If we can get his anticipation up he has the makings of a solid in behind striker. Christian Drevland 24B is the goalkeeper the preview boasted about. 13 handling and reflexes is promising. But he lacks quite a bit however considering the lack of goalies he’s already second choice. After this
  9. If you check the season preview of the lowest division you should see a P for Promoted next to the team name.
  10. True but it's not over until they sack you! I mean Chile is basically the South American Norway by shape.
  11. Don't you just continue on a month-to-month deal in this situation?
  12. Don't know how familiar people here are with Norwegian footballers, but I suspect someone like XaW could appreciate my new head of youth development. Personally I am most excited because while he's a bit of a legend. I like his personality and his preferred formation. Also his mix of tactical style and playing style. Just fits well with how we are already setup. On top of that he's for the level we operate at actually a good coach, and he even works for free!
  13. Lørenskog IF - Postnord-Ligaen Avdeling 1 - 2023 Squad - Transfer Our journey continuous and we will start where we dropped of in the previous update with the youth intake of 2023. Sadly this is a year to forget as none of the players have quality enough to claim first team football. On top of that with the foreseeable future unlikely hood of us having enough quality to train them. I doubt these guys can ever do more than fill out the ranks. 2023 will go down as a year to forget Academy wise. Despite that my rather scrappy HoYD assured me that Oddvar Opsahl 23A is a gifted player I
  14. A little teaser from my second season. Didn't except to beat John Carew sale record this fast. Which flat out have me laughing at the idiocy of my board members. Because 1 of them did this before I got onto the negotiation tables. I actually was thinking 50K was a good fee to get for this player. And initially all the teams denied it until a few bit. I then managed to get a 100K, 150K, 250K before lastly the finial top offer from Vålerenga at 400K! Which means I made about 516 times Mr chairman Granted this player was good for me. This sale allowed me to finally get a trainin
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