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  1. Thanks mate, that's exactly my problem too. I usually don't update that often but I was sitting at the airport with nothing to do so ....
  2. Hi everyone, Am I the only one experiencing lag again in the menus and match engine without changing anything? Ive been away on holiday and just came back and wanted to resume my fm save game and it started lagging again. Not as bad as previous update but definitely slower than normal
  3. Hello everyone, Is it possible that the longer your save is the slower the game can get? Im in my 2nd season and sometimes I have the feeling that the game feels a bit slower than the first season
  4. I am talking about unofficial databases you can download from various sites, they usually only contain transfers without stat changes. I thought OP was worried about downloading an unofficial database with updates transfers but also edited stats
  5. Most database updates do not change players their attributes. They simply transfer players from one club to another or have players sign an agreement where they move at the end of the season if that's the case in real life. I was in the same boat and I don't want to wait another 2 weeks so I downloaded a custom database which has all the January transfers done
  6. You can download a custom database from websites like sortitoutsi or FMbase
  7. Thanks everyone. Around what date does the update roll out? I want to start a new career as soon as possible but Im thinking of either waiting for the official patch or just download a updated database from FMbase or anything
  8. Alright thanks, that's all I wanted to know
  9. I already have the game but wondering if the game will automatically gets patched with the latest January transfers or is that something we have to download on our own from a 3rd party creator
  10. Just wondering whether the original game will automatically have the January transfers up to date or do we have to download a file on our own?
  11. From what I understand is that you can play on the beta now and once the update comes out for the original game the save will carry over
  12. I would also like to state that if you turn off retina in the retail game most lag seem to be gone. Maybe its still some sort of use for SI to take a look at
  13. Im glad that the beta seems to work. However I still not fully understand but maybe its because English is not my first language. From what I understand is that every progress you make in the beta does not carry over to the retail game, unlesss you decide to keep playing the beta forever right? Or does the save from the beta automatically carry over to the retail game once the update for the retail game comes out?
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