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  1. Went to Copenhagen on holiday and went to Roskilde for the day, lovely place!
  2. I’m Roskilde FC in Denmark so definitely not a top team!
  3. Thinking being that my AP pulls the strings and my MEZ gets in the box to support
  4. Any particular role you’d recommend? Got a BWM but he’s just a bit too young at the minute so loaned him out for this year.
  5. Ideally would like to use something similar to this on my save however, in game I'm seeing high xG for me (regularly above 2) yet find myself struggling to score and then end up losing 1-0 or 2-1. Sometimes add "overlap left" if I'm a heavy favourite and my striker ranges between AF, PF or DLF (all attack). Is it as simple as tweaking my mentality or changing my AP to DLP with defend? Open to any thoughts!
  6. These games came occurred in the space of 4 weeks!? Can't believe this is actually possible!
  7. Wondered if anyone could offer some insight into how to get the attached firing more consistently/efficiently. Currently dominate possession and regularly have quite a high xG in most games yet I never particularly score that many and I'm neither completely solid at the back! My current LB is injured hence Carvajal playing there but just wanted to see if I'm missing anything glaringly obvious? With regards to lack of goals would scheduling "Chance conversion" sessions have any benefit? Tear apart the tactics as you see fit, I'm not precious! Cheers
  8. I’m unsure of the conditions a player on a youth contract needs to have for you to be able to make an offer for them on a free/compensation. Those on £55p/w or similar seem to be more likely to have “approach to sign” under their contract tab but this still isn’t certain. Could someone explain please?!
  9. Prime example here! Relying on a pen to scrape a draw despite those stats!
  10. Got a very solid save set up, 11 seasons in with very few complaints. Just recently however I am having lots of shots but very few actually on target and scraping 1-0 wins despite dominating every aspect (thankfully my genius allowing us to not concede too many). Have attached my current tactics below, and key ratings such as composure, finishing etc are high for my strikers! Any pointers would be great! Cheers.
  11. It’s worth adding dominate possession but strikers can’t score for love nor money, often have 15+ shots, one goal if I’m lucky and always concede
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