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  1. Thanks, makes sense! Another question (non-related), Is there a general rule of thumb for whether player attributes are more important than position familiarity (or vice versa)? Example being I have a great natural AMC who has some quality attributes for an AP role, but my system doesn't have a AMC so I'm playing him MC, where he is about 50% accomplished so not natural. However his stats for the position are good and he is performing pretty well on the whole, but more wondering in general is it better to have a quality player in a non-natural position, or a player a couple of points lower quality wise but natural in his position so maybe knows the role better? Also should note that I am training him in the MC role however coaches are advising he won't develop further (he's 23).
  2. Don't know if it's a stupid question but didn't feel it needed it's own thread. Is there any methodology behind how coaches develop? Is it possible to train/develop coaches (particularly younger ones) aside from getting badges, or will they organically increase their stats over time with a club? Unsure how it works and especially with my youth coaches, wondering whether I need to recruit better coaches as my club (Norwich) gets better, or if it's worth sticking with some of my younger coaches and building them up (if that's even possible)?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, certainly going well, but I'm a sucker for having a striker that leads or competes as top goalscorer, hence my want to support that Good advice re assistant, I don't always enforce the advice but he does seem to always push for work ball into box! I'll try those tips as well. Pass into Space wasn't observational per se, more a though process behind inviting my quick wing backs into attacking play. But if you don't think that's needed (or I've misunderstood the instruction) then I can happily take out - that is one I've toggled with before so it isn't always set. Would you say it's worth sticking with AP-S as my 10, or switching the role on that, such as SS? I rarely venture from AP, if I do it's to AM, so am less knowledgeable on the impact of the other roles, but if there is reason to think that another role might help my AF then I might experiment with that.
  4. This is a great thread, thanks everyone for sharing. Annoyingly I loaded my current game to small database size and only selected English leagues. As such, majority of these players aren't in my game - won't make that mistake again :/ I don't want to start again as I've put a lot of time/effort into my current save, but does anyone know if it's possible to add players from certain leagues/nations to an already operational game so I can increase the databases and try and get some better players or regens pop up from further afield? As my current reach is really, annoyingly low!!
  5. Slightly late to the party with this guy, tried to sign him January 2019 in my Norwich save but Dinamo want £6.5m up front, way out of my budget annoyingly! Hoping he's still there in the summer and if I can see my season through and get promotion and a decent PL transfer budget, I'll go back in. He looks superb.
  6. Hi everyone, new poster so please bear with me! I'm over halfway through season 1 as Norwich. It's going well, 2nd in the league and I'm using a tactic I've worked well with in previous FMs. But I'm really struggling to get good performances out of my striker(s) in this system. I've had a good read through other discussions in this Forum which have been helpful in trying to get more out of the system in general (and league position shows I'm not exactly struggling) but it is something I'm keen to address. I've tried tweaking the instructions, roles and mentalities to find a method that works, but so far nothing has seemed to solve it and I'm massively reliant on goals coming from further back. Screenshot of my current system below and am open to any suggestions or comments on this set up if anything is glaringly obvious, or any tips to try next. Some more info below too. I rank quite high for chances created in the division (4th - still lower than position so this annoys me still!) but for goals I'm quite far down, about 8th, so I don't know if it's just that there's missing quality in my team and I need better players to take chances? Top scorer is Rhodes (10 goals, a few of which are pens, mostly at start of season), but I'm leading with Pukki and he is regularly dropping 6.3s and only has 2 League goals, one of which was a rebound tap in. Rhodes doesn't fair much better despite better scoring stats, his overall average is still well under 6.8 despite his goals and lately I can't get anything out of either of them. I also notice a regular analysis from assistant that we are struggling for possession in opposition half, although we have the best possession stats overall in the league quite comfortably (averaging 56% per game). My B2B seems to get a fair few opportunities and space but these are from range. Assistant often in game suggests 'Working ball into box' but have read elsewhere in this forum that this isn't great to rely on, especially when looking to break compact defenses. Basically the above is where I'm at, hopefully the overview helps but I'm very open to suggestions, advice, tips etc to try and solve this annoyance! Happy to provide any further info as well if this helps. TIA
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