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  1. I have this issue too in my Norwich save in the same formation (but different set up). Massively overachieving and doing well in my first year in the PL (7th with 8 games to go) so no huge issue in the grand scheme of my save, but my LB is regularly getting anywhere between 6.0-6.4 ratings in every match, unless he gets an assist. It doesn't bother me hugely as I'm still doing well, but my save is about producing or buying young talent and selling for profit, so this player's value has barely moved since I signed him whereas all others have vastly improved with general average individual
  2. Thanks! This is what I start with and I absolutely tweak it based on what happens in game so it almost never ends the game in the same way. Easy to up the ante if needing to chase a goal (more expressive, overlap, width etc) and equally if things need tightening up it can be dialled down too. Going to be interesting to see how it goes against the PL big boys!
  3. I had a lot of fun in FM19 taking Norwich City back up to the PL so thought I'd have a go at that again in FM21, seeing as they have such a great and young squad. Season One completed to great success and we're straight back up to the PL, setting a new points record along the way. Brentford pushed us hard and also made a ton, and Bournemouth will be fuming not to have joined us having got 98 points then lost to Watford in the Play Off final. Bournemouth were 7 points clear at one stage early on, having won their first 10 games on the bounce, so I was very pleased with our turn around.
  4. Question on players being jaded. I'm seeing a sharp increase in this in season 2. It's only December and my main CB has been jaded three times already (he went on holiday each time), and it was just recommended to me to send six players on holiday as they are jaded! I have revised my training routine for S2 which has made it a bit harsher, but what is the main cause of Jadedness (if that's a word). Do I need to scale back training and have more rest? Is it more rotation for games (although I do rotate quite a lot anyway I think). My tactic hasn't changed much from S1 (where I had almost
  5. Cool, cheers. I think I'll stick with him, but I'm gonna let Luiz go in summer 2021 when his contract is up to free the wages, so will need a new third/fourth choice defender (Holding may want to leave too as he isn't getting much game time at all) so need to weigh up if I go for an Upamecano type, or someone who'd be happier with less game time. Will worry about that later though!
  6. How are people finding Saliba, out of interest? Any one more than three seasons in of use and got a good read on how he goes once he's 21+? I'm in season two and have started him 90% of PL games (13 games in) as I'm keen to develop him to try and meet his full potential. We've won 12 drawn 1 so going really well in general (but tough games to come) and he's slotted in without trouble so far. But interested to know what his general development is like if anyone else has longer term feedback. Below is what he looks like for me so far, but still young. Physicals pretty good so far but hopin
  7. Was quite easy, no one else was in for him. He wanted £200k a week but negotiated him down to £180k. Big sign on fee of £10m though, but he's been quality for me so has been worth it, and I could easy make a lot of money back on him if I decide to cash in.
  8. Kane just joined City for £196m in my save in summer 20! Liverpool are stacking up forwards too, they have signed Dybala, Milik and Dembele in summer 20 window. That's some serious depth..
  9. Haha. I literally have no idea how to amend this so if it's easy to do then feel free to point me in the right direction!
  10. Finished season 1 in my Arsenal save. Ended up pretty good. Finished 2nd in the League behind a dominant Liverpool, plus won the Europa beating Lyon 2-0 comfortably in the final, after a tight 4-2 aggregate win over Ajax in the semi. United were top at Xmas but absolutely fell apart and drew at Watford (20th) on final day to miss out on CL. That, plus Spurs' terrible season, was also enjoyable in this save. Only real annoyance was losing so many away games (8 of my 9, only home defeat v Liverpool) so that's something I'll look at for next season. Transfers were fun. Below are incomi
  11. He's started a bit slowly for me at Arsenal (1 goal in 7 starts) but my main goalscorers are coming from the wing so I'm not that bothered yet, but hoping he will contribute more as he progresses. Only had a couple of poor ratings though, normally gets 6.7 - 7.0. How are you using him, out of interest? I have him as PF-A with IW-S and IF-S either side (Pepe and Auba/Nelson/ESR). Before I signed him in January 2020 window, Auba was playing well in that position in my system but obviously ME issues have affected the strikers so far..
  12. How many changes do you all make when you rotate for EL/Cups? I have always found with FM that too many changes to starting XI affects performance. When I've made 7 or 8 changes it routinely results in a poor/unrealistic performance. As such, I've been a little cautious when making too many changes and have probably overplayed some key players especially in the EL, which is totally opposite of how Arsenal are IRL. I normally just make 2 or 3 changes and use subs earlier (if game is looking comfortable) but would be good to know others feedback on this?
  13. Just getting started on my Arsenal save for FM20, excited to get going. Tactic below that I'm starting with. Started OK, 4 games in 2 wins 2 loses. One loss was 1-0 away at City, despite playing pretty well and compact they snuck through in the end. Other defeat was away at Burnley who I dominated and missed a pen, but they snuck a last minute winner off a corner. Gutting. Transfer wise, brought in Kehrer from PSG (as several do), Wague on Barca on loan and Dani Olmo from Dinamo for £7m up front raising to £21m. Enjoying having him already! Mustafi to Wolve
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