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  1. Cracking, thanks for the response. I'm playing as Newcastle so it's making games a bit like the world's hardest game of 'spot the ball'.
  2. So far... Took a short while to readjust to the redesign (no bad thing - meant it felt like a new game!) and starting to find my way about. My main issue this year is I really don't like the new 2D view. The advertising boards are annoying and distracting, and the old 2D classic view was a lot better in my opinion. Also: is the ball supposed to be a black dot? It gets very confusing when the ball is played in the air as the shadow is black too... I do like the new way of presenting info during a match though. I was annoyed last year that accessing useful info while a game was taking place wasn't easy - this year everything I need is there when there's no action taking place.
  3. I signed a 33-year-old player in FMT, and one of the promises I made was that I'd send him on a coaching course. Now I've signed him I can't find the option to do it and it's listed as one of his concerns as no progress has been made on it. Where is the option to do this? Can it only be done at certain times or am I missing something?
  4. For mine it meant that all players outside of GB need a work permit to join - including French, Spanish, Italian players etc. When managing abroad it means that GB players now take up non-EU slots. That's quite a substantial change imo. Hope it's not the only possible outcome in FMT as it got annoying after a few years as it made it impossible to sign any foreigner over 25 who hadn't played for their country. This was the beta btw, so maybe it's been changed for the final release.
  5. I'm just curious if longer-term contracts are going to be brought in. I noticed today that Reina has signed up until 2016, and six years is more than you can do on FM (it's here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/l/liverpool/8338536.stm). Obviously it would be difficult to tie players down for so long and they'd have to love the club in order to want to commit. Anyone know why five years is currently the longest you can tie someone down for? Just curious if there's previously been any rules around it.
  6. There's a rather good German CM called Lars Bender...
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