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  1. Thanks for that. No issue about low crowd though, fully understand having to build up a fan base. The bit I'm struggling with is that in the 3 lower divisions I was getting 3k. When I got into the prem the crowd went down. That's totally illogical, as a minimum the crowd should stay the same. I can't think of a single example of a team getting promoted and losing a third of their fans
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I've asked at various times to expand stadium, improve training and youth, always rejected. When promoted to prem stadium went up to 15k without me asking. Then had owe you one which took it to 18,500 Celtic at home was the only anomaly which got 4k. While I'm on here, is there any way to rename a stadium? Cheers fm_save2.zip
  3. Hoping for some wisdom... I'm Edinburgh City. 1st season crowd was 2k. Got promoted twice and crowd was 3k for 3 seasons which was capacity. In the Prem capacity was lifted to 15k but my attendance is down to 2k. Not struggling, just not logical. Derby against hearts made no difference. I realise it doesn't affect the game but it does affect my fm world. Any thoughts?
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