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  1. Hi! Is it possible to test tactics, when going into holiday mode and simulate a complete season? Or will the co trainer change something? Thanks!
  2. I've simulated 3 tactics of you for 1 season with a mid team. Reaver: 70 points, 63 goals, 24 conceded Punisher: 64 points, 65 goals, 40 conceded Berserk: 61 points, 67 goals, 47 conceded Maybe I simulate some more in the next days.
  3. Hey @knap : Many thanks for your great work :-) Do you have any tipps what player to use for the wide midfielder (WM) role? It is not easy to find a player who can play the role already. Or just take a player who has the right values and neglects the experience of the role?
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