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    Beta tester for Cricket Captain series. founding member of CCRL computer chess testing group.


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    Computer chess, sports management games.

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  1. Can this not be fixed for the current version and released as a bugfix? This seems to be normal practice for most games.
  2. Can it not be fixed for the current version and released as a bugfix?
  3. Is the winter update purely a database update, or will it include bugfixes as well?
  4. Got sacked from Oxford and Chelmsford, before using things I'd learnt to survive five seasons so far with Leamington. Now pushing for promotion. Key things seem to be changing tactics once things start going bad, and to keep players happy. With clubs in the Vanarama North/South, one must look out for decent free transfers and decent loans. You don't usually have money to buy players.
  5. Yes - a patch is needed to fix the offsides. Wonder how long we'll have to wait. There are also far too many corners.
  6. When you release your next patch, could you please include some extra default options for corners and free kicks?
  7. So I can keep the same formation, but change tactics within that formation? Or is it better to vary formations?
  8. Are we supposed to choose one of the two indicated, or is it also okay to choose neither?
  9. I've had the same issues. In real life, don't teams sometimes stick to their same formation without such issues?
  10. Agreed. Please either get rid of the red ball or do something to make it stand out more.
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