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  1. I have a current save with Manchester United where I try to replicate Poch´s style of play, but the interlink and movement between especially Dele Alli and Harry Kane is hard to achieve in the current Match Engine because of the lack of movement from supporting strikers. So I am not satisfied with my replication yet.
  2. I see the same tendencies and it is so annoying. Even with PPM´s of hugging line, run down the flank does not make it any different and it does not matter which role you have in front of your fullback. It can be a winger, inside forward, inverted winger fullbacks drift centrally with the ball. It almost look like they just go for the underlap or cuts inside with the ball. Combined with the lack of movement with Strikers with support duties who are not coming deep but rather act as an AF or Poacher, and Attacking Midfielders on attack duty with get further forward who drops deeper and link up play is just sad. I am gonna upload a PKM and a screenshot of tactic and TI´s soon to highlight the things mentioned above. It needs to be fixed, I sense a lot of frustration in the community regarding the Match Engine.
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