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  1. I have selected team and players stats but I never see them during the game. This worked well in FM 2017 as it allowed me to see what players were playing well or not. Is this working for anyone else?
  2. I'm not really sure what I'm even supposed to do. Click on one thing? Click on all of the things? Seems like the players ignore everything except for one thing, and even then I'm confused as to what it even does.
  3. Had a player get a facial injury and was asked if I wanted it treated by doctors (1-3 days out) or physios (12-15 days out). Why on earth would I ever choose physio here? Is there any downside to choosing doctor?
  4. MLS needs a pretty big overhaul. I got frustrated playing as Chicago for a season and moved on. Some issues I found: 1. Goalkeepers still being released/traded/abused basically. I know this was fixed a bit in patches but was still pretty silly in the final version. I saw some keepers passed to like 5 teams in one season! 2. Trade logic overall. Offer AI a reasonable trade (based on value comparisons the game provides), and get rejected. Next day the AI accepts a ridiculous offer from another AI team. 3. The MLS Cup not being recognized as the league championship. The game got all e
  5. oddly my mac isn't seeing SoundEvents.cfg as a config file. No idea why. I've compared the files and I see no issues in the config file. Mac weirdness maybe? I had to manually combine the files in a text editor for some of it to work.
  6. I am hearing some commentary but not all. For example I get lots of commentary when a shot is made, but none if a goal is scored, or if the ball is in midfield being passed around. It looks like the sound files are there and in the config, but are just not being triggered? Not sure what is happening
  7. Just ran into an interesting issue today. I am playing as Indy Eleven in MLS League One, but was never asked to register players, nor was there a link to registration on the team page. When I got to Nov 8th I couldn't play any players because nobody was registered! Luckilly I had saved a few days back so I reloaded, found a link to registration (under team I think), and could register from there. I wasn't prompted to register players by a mail item, nor was I prompted to register newly signed players. Now that everyone is registered the game is working correctly again
  8. Hey graa, haven't gotten this far but does the Prime Cup rotate to different stadiums in the US? Would be cool to make it like the Super Bowl, where it is in different cities every year. Not sure how this works in the editor though.
  9. Think the picking of national teams is the old "prestige" bug. Basically the existing players are "known" to the AI. Happens on the full international teams where they will pick an aging star over a much better younger player, and has been in the game for ages. The u20 problem should sort itself out when the existing players age out of the US and Canada teams, but would have to test to find out.
  10. graa, another kind of weird thing I am seeing in MLS League 1. You have a player of the week award, but the email is really "sparse." No picture of player, just a sentence of text. Never seen that before, usually there is more text. Also interesting you are doing best goals of the week and no team of the week. That is more of a preference thing tho. Loving the addition of the refs. There are some really bad ones out there! Just like in real life...
  11. That seems OK to me actually. It gets below freezing most of Jan/Feb here. The lower number of games in winter should make this more barable
  12. Yeah the weather is bugging me, but I can't think of a way around it. A break in Jan would cause terrible fixture congestion, so I think that is out. I can't see any fans showing up for Indy 11 games when it is -20F wind chills as it was a few weeks ago here. At least it seems there are fewer games in Jan and Feb than there is in August and Sept. No middle week games in Jan and Feb as I see, for example.
  13. I am seeing a ton of one month loans in the first transfer window (Summer 2014). Seems odd but is this because the game hasn't figured out that the league dates have switched to winter dates? Not game breaking, just odd. Also noticed that when you choose to the USA start date many of the leagues aren't scheduled yet, and it seems to confuse the starting code a bit. For example I had no meeting with the assistant manager. Everything scheduled fine later and have had no issues since. Really enjoying the db so far (early into it though). Transfer activity is nuts in that first window as te
  14. Looks great! Will have to try it out this weekend. This time I think I'll take a top club. Kind of tired of mucking around in the dregs of the amateur leagues!
  15. That sounds like a great compromise. Also maybe this 33% thing goes away after a few years? Not sure but I thought it was only hardcoded a few years out
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