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  1. Don't overshop, and don't over-rotate a winning team.
  2. Two thirds of the way unto my first season. Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard were both marked as "concerned" at their game time. As Lingard had played five games in a row, having come back from injury, and had appeared in 42 games out of a possible fifty including five out of the last six , I assumed it was a clever new innovation that they felt they were being overplayed to the point of risking injury. I left them out of a game. Now Pogba is concerned because he was left out of the last game he was available for, and Lingard is - get this - "alienated." They haven't raised it, but it seems o
  3. If the mentor has lower Determination than the mentee you could see a Determination drop. This has been a factor for several years now. It has always struck me as unrealistic, and somewhat irritating. But when it now seems to have been coupled with the overall group dynamics, it's another reason why the introduction of dynamics has shat all over this game. I've been playing football games for years ands I've always wanted to play something that's about skill, and tactics. And while I understand that player power is now said to be more important, I buy this game to do football, not HR man
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