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  1. Thanks mate, i listened to what you said about having no graphics driver and i downloaded one now it works fine Thanks for your help
  2. I've just realised that in device management my display adapter is AMD Radeon HD 7600G, but in display settings, it says that my display is connected to Microsoft Basic display driver. Could this be apart of the problem as well?
  3. My driver is up to date but im not sure about the graphics card
  4. Hi, I had FM18 on my laptop and it was working perfectly. My hard drive then got corrupted and i got it replaced. However, when I got the laptop back and purchased FM19 on steam. The game was running slow, I then tried FM18 to see if it was just one game but the same thing happended. Since then i have reset the laptop and the problem still remains. I have a feeling that it's the hard drive but i highly doubt it. The graphics are on the lowest settings I have my dxdiag below: DxDiag.txt
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