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  1. So many penalty misses

    I am playing unpatched out of the box and scoring 9 out of 10 penalties. You need to choose the right players to take them
  2. 2d or 3d???

    3D for watching the match and 2D for analysis afterwards
  3. idea for downloadable stadia

    For no other reason than it would add to the realism of watching a match (which is all any of the graphical effects do after all) Wherever a manger watches a match from it is usually the same side of the pitch as the dugouts
  4. idea for downloadable stadia

    I quite agree with this post, but it is still quite a good idea. One thing I would really like and I have posted this request before is the ability to have the existing camera views from the dugout side of the pitch, so you couls view the match fron either side of the pitch
  5. German Managers - I need your help!

    In such a large stadium for Bundesliga 2, you should be able to get tickets in all price ranges on matchday
  6. They played in white the other night when they were at home to wales
  7. The Blue Square leagues in England and both leagues in Ireland
  8. Snow in the A-League?

    Yes it does seem strange. On the whole the weather effects are slowly improving each release however there is still room for a lot more. I am managing in Ireland and it always rains in the second half regardless of the forecast, always the second half, it can start sunny and then rain or it might rain all game, but I have never seen it rain and then clear up.
  9. My season takes as long as it does IRL brcause I play virtually in real time. My challenge is that I like to see if I can do better with the team I am managing than the real manager over the season and finish in a higher position
  10. Lots of problem unpatched??

    I know I am in the minority however I am playing quite happily unpatched.
  11. Slight issue with kits in 3d-match

    There are a number of clubs with striped shirts at the front and a plain colour at the back, the pre match line ups are to represent the club colours not an authenic replica of the back of the shirt, for exaample Brighton will show blue and white stripes on the pre match line up but in the match the shirts will have a plain blue back with a white number
  12. There would appear to be some substance to this theory. When ever a cup draw is made I can predict that my opponent will be from a pool of cllubs fairly close to me geographically
  13. Mine is happy that I use it as a stress buster
  14. Limited appeal I think, doubt if it would be cost effective
  15. Floodlight Matches

    Choose a league that mostly play matches at the weekend and not midweek. I think South Africa and Australia would fit