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  1. I use Bullguard. I uninstalled that and made sure Windows Defender was on. I reinstalled FM and it now loads up and works perfectly. Bullguard must have still been doing something in the background I wasn't aware of. It's the first steam game that I have had this issue with. Anyway thank you, my problem is fixed. Happy New Year
  2. Hello. I bought FM19 on Steam and it refuses to start up. Steam lists the game as running but there is no process indicating so and I also don't get any error message indicating a problem to go off of. It just doesn't start up. I have looked at the help and other threads and nothing I have tried has worked. I have updated my graphics card, fully updated Windows, disabled any in-game overlays, disabled anti-virus and firewalls, verified the game files twice, reinstalled it twice and ran the launcher as admin. I'm at a loss as where to go from there. I use Win 10 with a gtx 1060. I have not received any error message so I can't help there, but here is my dxdiag. Cheers. DxDiag.txt
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