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  1. Hello. I am trying to upload a video showing the issue but upload size limit is too low to allow that. Could you suggest how I could show you the issue? Perhaps a email address to share a clip? Basically, if I am trying to use the floating keyboard instead of the full size keyboard with the game, the floating keyboard is not behaving normally. Notably, the keyboard is skipping a lot of frames when I try to move the keyboard around. Thank you.
  2. Hello. The floating keyboard on the latest version of iPados is not behaving correctly with the game. 1. Once it is engaged, you cannot hide it back unless you expand it to its full size first. So you are stuck with a permanent keyboard obscuring your UI. 2. It is extremely laggy when you try to move it around the UI of the game. I am on the latest gen 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Thank you.
  3. I agree. Haven't played the game too much for the same reasons. Just feels broken/unfinished! I have waited so long for a fix to start playing the game that its too late for me to ask a refund from the App Store as well now. Does not appear to me that there is any warning either on the App Store listing now that the problem is known.
  4. Hello everyone! Bought the game for the 2018 12.9” iPad Pro around the time it launched and was unaware of the issue at the time. Been waiting for the fix since then to play the game. Would be nice to know if the problem is actually fixable or not. If not, I would request a refund from the App Store and perhaps get it on another platform. Refunds are not automatic if you wait too much. Regards, Chetan
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