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  1. Unable to see the nationality box highlighted when using the in game editor.
  2. There have been changes. I can assure you that as well, but not enough, which is reasonable to say, if you have taken the time out to analyse the past 10 versions of the match engine, you would see how minimal the changes are. I dont see how more constructive it can be. Would like the game to take a step forwards and not backwards. Being critical of whats wrong in the product is natural and should be helpful, unless it's a senseless jibe. Just so i make more sense, I dont mind being told how more constructive my posts could have been. I would gladly improve if it already wasnt up to the mark.
  3. Dont know where you are coming from, because it looks much worse in 2d. This game's match engine hasnt improved much since FM 11. Surely there has to be an improvement rather than getting things wrong than right every year. Might just be the last title I buy.
  4. i think this will be fixed. enough dessent in the community regarding this, what is totally poor is that the match engine sees very little enhancements every year and its almost remained the same or even poorer than what it was since FM 11. Lack of additions in terms of variations to player movements, passing and finishing. Its really poor that a game that is great in all other aspects is let down in the place which counts the most
  5. here is a new topic I created which has all these issues with a video link and a PKM
  6. I will first start with the player movement, since FM18, players will move backwards, yes, backwards like they are moonwalking or floating before they receive the pass or make one themselves, and will even shoot first time with their back to the goal, by turning completely as if they are body morphing aliens. Its mind boggling how this hasnt been seen for over the period of the last title and now this year, its off-putting and takes away the realism of the game. I have created a video of all of these unrealistic movements, since it wasnt possible to upload high size files here and unfortunately I lose the save game, so I could not recover the PKM for the examples in the video. But this should provide enough examples of the issues I am talking about. I have a PKM which contains unsurprisingly the same issues with movements on and off the ball, and finishing and chance conversion not seeing any improvement since many a titles. I will link the incidents in that PKM, below Tottenham v Man Utd.pkm 29:43 Lucas moura is moving away from the United goal as the pass comes towards him, and he still manages to get a shot away. This is a sight all too frequent since FM 19 and a prime example of what I have mentioned regarding the awful representation of the player movement. 69.33 Sissoko's movement just before making a pass. Says it all. Moving away from the ball, and pulls of a long ball. 87:20 Another frequent sight. Players just cant seem to have enough of hitting first time shots. even from 30 yards Cant say enough about the finishing, it has already been mentioned by almost everyone how the players dont seem to cross or pass in the final third, but will rather take shots from impossible angles. I will add to that, that the finishing and chance conversion is stale. I look back at FM 13, it was exciting and realistic, thats my yardstick. it's why I judge the later versions to be poor, because that year had some realism about it. It wasnt perfect, but it was better than what we have now, players used to finish in ways that looked fun and natural, now it doesnt seem to be anything other than robotic and unnatural movements. I was looking forward to an improved version of FM this year, but the match engine has taken a massive hit and lacks innovation. Hopefully the voices of fans will be heard and constructive criticism is used to improve the game we love, because right now I cant bear to
  7. I will. they are far too often, I have given up on playing for now due to the mess the match engine is in right now, I am sure that I will encounter these incidents again, I will upload those files and update on this thread
  8. Finishing needs a serious overhaul. It seems very unnatural when players moving away from the goal score 30 yard volleys. Hasn't happened once. But in almost every march
  9. dont know if its the update, but previous versions have also had this same issue for me. some responsibilities get changed back to me or someone else. Yes. that must be the same for me. during pre season it gets a change, most likely
  10. I have delegated the recruitment of u23 staff to my technical director. Been a season and still he hasn't added anything to the u23 staff other than a manager. I rather have my u18 staff setup get disrupted as the u18 staff contracts are renewed to u23 contracts, even though i have control of the u18 contracts
  11. I have delegated my U23 contract negotiations, recruitment and finalizing to my staff. And I have all the control over the u18 staff contracts. The issue is that my u18 staff contracts are being renewed and they are being changed to u23 contracts, which is quite frustrating. Surely this should not happen, rather my technical director should look for more staff from out of my own club's different youth group.
  12. Had delegated the friendly matches to be controlled by the assistant manager, but have found it getting reverted out of the sudden to me. Kind of bothersome as I have to keep checking if another staff responsibilities have been reverted as well or not. I recall this error used to be in FM 16-18. Edit : As soon as i posted this, I had the friendly matches delegated back to me, even after reversing it before. Clearly a bug
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