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  1. 2021/2022 Season Review Performance So it's been a while that I've posted as I sort of shelved this save for a little while. The main reason for this is the fact I had a pretty miserable season, my third season in the Conference with back to back top 5 finished ended with us finishing 19th. The key reason for the miserable season is that we were defensively poor and we also struggled more in getting goals. In terms of cup competitions, we lost in the FA Cup 2nd Round to Dagenham & Redbridge and we got knocked out of the FA Trophy in the 1st Round by Spennymoor Town. As you can see a pretty underwhelming season. Notable Players Once again, my top goal scorer was Harry Limb with 24 goals in all competitions. Unfortunately this will be his last time being top goal scorer as he is refusing to sign a new contract. Since the beginning of my save Harry Limb has scored 97 in 174 games in all competitions. He will be sorely missed and could result in another tough season. I'd hoping for a miraculous change in decision before his contract expires. In terms of assists this was led by Zac Rich this year, who is part of class 2021. In all competitions he got 15 assists in 42 appearances and is now comfortably keeping Louis Danquah out of my team. One potentially positive note is the form of Rob Edwards towards the end of the season, he finished with the joint highest average of the season and scored a couple of screamers. I feel as though he's never been able to establish consistent form up until now, so fingers crossed he can pick up where he left off next season. Youth Intake I know it takes time but having upgraded and invested a lot of the Wembley money in youth, I was a little disappointed with the youth intake this year. Prospect #1 The cream of the crop is probably Andrew Ryan. He looks like he will be good but with Zac Rich and Louis Danquah he might have a struggle getting minutes right away. Prospect #2 Shane Rogers at right back will probably have more minutes next year as this is a position we look quite weak. He has decent stats across the board although lacking a little bit of pace. Prospect #3 Taking the prospect bronze this year is Kyran Abrahams. Another good youngster who should be comfortable with this level, however AMC is always a little awkward for me as it doesn't currently fit into my tactics. I will probably reach a point where I think about tinkering for next season but he's the only decent AMC prospect I have. Here is the seasons transfers.
  2. Right, After a few saves doing other bits I'm now going to resume this challenge and hopefully push on!
  3. That’s the one I’ve been pushing most because means more time training as well as they’ll be on full time contracts. Unfortunately despite the windfall and a balance sheet of £300k they aren’t interested in turning professional. In fact they’re not budging on any of them which is frustrating.
  4. 2021/2022 Season Review Performance My second season in the Conference with Kings Lynn, I literally finished on the same number of points as last year, I was much better defensively however didn't get as many goals. Once again I reached the play off's, this time I lost in the play off final to Kidderminster Harriers which was a tough one to take, however the money from the Play Off final has meant we've upgraded our Youth Recruitment. I really feel that I'm stagnating a little so I really hope some of my young players can develop a lot better this next season and potentially push us on a bit. League Table We were knocked out of the FA Cup by Newport County in the 2nd Round and than knocked out by York City in the FA Trophy in the 4th Round. Notable Players My top scorer was Harry Limb, this time he got 24 League goals in 44 league games. He's still only 22 so hopefully will keep banging them in for a long time. Adam Marriott my previous top goal scorer had a really poor season and only managed to get 8 league goals. Luke McCormick was again a standout, he got 9 goals and 14 assists in 43 league games. His stats were not as good as last season but again I think that's due to losing a bit of attacking threat this season. In terms of the young players who have come through Finley Clampin once again had the best season, he got 7 assists in 36 appearances from right back. Youth Intake This youth intake was again described as a 'Golden Generation' (once again), but probably about the same as the second years in terms of quality. Prospect #1 By a mile, Michael Woodthorpe looks to be the best of the bunch. His finishing stats look decent and I reckon he'll be thrown into the squad next season. Prospect #2 He's followed by Orrett Gaynor, who looks a good passer of the ball. Prospect #3 Joe Read is my third best prospect this year, although I have many centre backs ahead of him, so I don't anticipate him playing much next season. Here is the seasons transfers. I really want to get out of this division, but I don't think the squad is really improving much. The windfall from Wembley means I have a healthy bank balance, what do people think is the best thing to get upgraded? Junior Coaching, Youth Recruitment or Professional Status?
  5. 2020/2021 Season Review Performance So second season down, an incredible performance as we finished 5th in the table and therefore in the play off's. This was largely down to a superb start to the season, which I assume is probably the continuity of no transfers, it tailed off a little in the second half of the season but managed to cling on to play off's. Unfortunately it wasn't to be promotion as Wycombe knocked us out in the second round of the play off's, they outclassed us to be honest and beat us 3-1. Generally pretty chuffed to finish 5th though. League Table Again a pretty disappointing performance in the cup competitions, largely due to us getting more difficult draws. We were knocked out of the FA Cup by Wycombe in the 1st Round and than knocked out by Dover in the FA Trophy in the 4th Round. Coincidentally, the two teams I played in the play off's. Notable Players My top scorer was Adam Marriott (again), this time he got a stunning 36 League goals in 47 league games. Pretty chuffed with him and it was needed as two of my other strikers Ryan Jarvis and Michael Gash have seriously declined this year. On the right wing Luke McCormick had a standout season, he got 12 goals and 21 assists in 43 league games. It was looking difficult to tie him down and his contract was running low but thankfully I've just managed to get him signed on for another couple of years. I mentioned in my previous season that Finley Clampin was my best prospect in last season's intake. He played a lot for me this season and is a real consistent performer, I think that's he's going to be a big player next season. Youth Intake This youth intake was again described as a 'Golden Generation', unfortunately it wasn't as good as last years though. Prospect #1 It's pretty tight as to who is the best prospect, I'd personally go for Zac Edinburgh, he seems like he'll be a good player in the future but probably a long way off taking Luke McCormick's shirt. Prospect #2 The next best prospect is Taylor Cotterell, his potential is only 4*, but his current ability is at 2*. Based on the fact my defence is a real weakness I can envisage him playing quite a bit next year. Prospect #3 Zac Rich is the 3rd best prospect, he looks pretty good and with a CA of 1.5* I can see him playing a little next season as my second left winger. The rest of the intake are pretty average in all honesty, I also messed up and didn't offer a contract to a potential 3.5* striker which was a bit of lost opportunity, it completely passed me by. Here is the seasons transfers. I'd love to get promoted next year, but the conference seems a tricky league to get out of. I'm going to let a couple of big wages go who are reserve options and have declined in the last year. Hopefully freeing up these wages will mean the clubs finances can improve and we can push the coaching/recruitment upwards.
  6. Season 2019/20 Review As per my previous post I took the Kings Lynn job, this was for several reasons. I'm a Norwich fan, so doing it with another Norfolk team was good, I think there is a big catchment area available which is with little competition. I also think that Kings Lynn probably had the best squad although it was light at the back, I think getting goals is the key to getting out the division and Kings Lynn had a lot of strikers. Performance So I've finished my first season now and as you can see in the link below I won the title! It was pretty tight and I'd thought it was gone at one point as Spennymoor Town went on a crazy run, thankfully they dropped some points in the last few games which allowed us to steal it at the death. League Table Nothing of note in the cup competitions, unfortunately I was embarrassingly knocked out of the FA Cup by Banbury in the 3rd qualifying round and the FA Trophy by Maidstone United in the 2nd Round. Much to improve upon in this department. Notable Players Kings Lynn had a pretty big squad so being able to rotate really helped me when the fixtures starting coming in thick and fast. I also had a set piece specialist who seemed to get me out of a hole several times. Sam Rents got some huge goals and assists from set pieces. He's getting on a bit now but long may he continue. My top scorer was Adam Marriott, he got 17 league goals from 30 games. Although he got some goals for me, the he only played 30 games is because I'm quite well stocked in the striker department so found myself rotating if they were out of form. Youth Intake I got lucky break here, this youth intake was described as a 'Golden Generation' and I think it may turn out that way. Prospect #1 Finley Clampin has a great name and he's the best prospect by far, his current ability is already 2.5* so he's slotted straight into the first team at 15 years old and truth be told he's my best rightback already. I lucked out on Clampin because right back was my weakest position in the squad. Prospect #2 Jack Ashton is the second best prospect with a potential rating of 5*, his current is 1*. He's a centreback and as I said previously I'm quite light in defence so I imagine he may get a couple of outings next year. Prospect #3 Rob Edwards is following these two, another potential rating of 5*. I'll see how he gets on this year but I'm sure I'll throw him in some of the cup games. The rest of the intake are pretty solid, generally the potential for most players is over 2.5*. The issue will be upgrading the recruitment and coaching as in all honesty the club are skint! I've managed to drop the wage bill slightly whilst keeping all the players on for another year and I will be releasing two players at the end of the season, so maybe the balance might start improving and we can get out of the red. As requested here are the seasons transfers. Will keep you guys posted!
  7. Okay, another attempt at this. This challenge is really interesting, so I've followed the instructions and I've taken over at Kings Lynn. Big catchment area so hopefully can get some good intakes, also seemed to have a fairly balanced squad although they only currently have one goalkeeper so here's to praying he doesn't get any injuries. I've attached the screenshot below as per the instructions in the opening post. I look forward to keeping you updated.
  8. 2019 In 2018, I got Persiba Balikpapan promoted to Indonesian League 1. I had a bit of a clean up of the squad and managed to get a couple of decent players in. I was hoping for a mid table finish really, there isn't too much difference between the teams in Indonesia so I knew if I got my foreign signings right I'd be okay. It turns out I had a fantastic season, winning the title and the Indonesian Cup. I absolutely stormed the second half of the season to be honest. My best signing was Alberto Malla, he was class in the middle of the park and got some important goals. Fernando Gomes who I mentioned in my last post won the golden boot in the division, he got 23 goals in 30 games. I resigned as soon as I won the cup because I knew I wasn't going to make anymore progress toward the challenge there. Unfortunately Persiba were heavily in debt so I was only able to go 1 coaching badge and to be honest I am really struggling to get a job at the moment. Hopefully something comes up soon. Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 | Persiba Balikpapan | 2nd | Promoted 2019 | Persiba Balikpapan | 1st | League and Cup Double! League Title 1/10 - Indonesian First Division (Persiba Balikpapan 2019) Domestic Cups 1/10 - Indonesian Cup (Persiba Balikpapan 2019)
  9. 2018 First season and I start my Ultimate Challenge adventure in Indonesia, at Persiba Balikpapan. I took over with them in 3rd place in Phase 1 with 9 games played. I finished this phase in 2nd place and reached Phase 2. I secured promotion by finishing 2nd in my Phase 2 group which was good news. Good result getting promoted but the inconsistency in results was infuriating at times. I signed a young striker called Fernando Gomes, he got 11 goals in 12 games and got some important goals. I'm really going to have to add some good players to this squad next year as we're pretty short of good players. So I'll crack on with next season, I have to admit I am hoping to move soon because I'm not enjoying the Indonesian league, trying to get the coaching badges added up though. Season | Team |Position | Notes and Acheivements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 | Persiba Balikpapan |2nd | Promoted
  10. I've just bought FM19 and I am going to give this a go right away. Will keep you updated once I've made some progress! Update: I'm going to attempt this on 2018 as FM19 is not running to well on my laptop.
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