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  1. It's surely a bug but maybe it was just me that don't know how to do. I guess we'll never know unless it happen to me again and I come back here again desperate.
  2. To answer to @DANCOLEBARCA10 I can't remove it from the sub that was my problem @Christopher Lewis I don't have the save anymore because I decided to quit this job and continue the career I'm sorry. I appreciate that you both took the time to answer me.
  3. Before starting, I just want to say that I'll probably do some mistakes because my english isn't the best (I'm french) I'm managing the french national team and I'm playing the EURO 2024. In my first match, one of my players got a red card and therefore he's suspended for the next game. So the next game arrives and I choose who's playing and that suspended player is automatically a sub. The problem is that he is counted as a player that can play so I'm not able to start the game and therefore to continue my career. And because i'm in a competition I can't remove this player and I have no idea how to fix this issue. The only way I see is to quit the job but this idea bothers me. If you have any idea please let me know.
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