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  1. Could you share your interpretation of the tactic? those stats look really good, and I can't get my team to be quite as good as that !
  2. Could you either include a download link or the player instructions please mate? Would love to try it out
  3. Impressive amount of passes and shots - could you post the TI’s and PI’s and formation/ player roles please
  4. Thanks for sharing pal! Would you be able to either attatch a download link or share the player instructions as I can’t wait to test out this tactic and tinker with it! Thanks
  5. I’m begging you to show me the setup to achieve 900+ passes WHILST creating chances s fascinated to see how you’ve done it
  6. Thanks pal, also which crossing type is it ? Mixed, low, float or whipped?
  7. What mentality is this all on? Because the mentality drastically alters the instructions, thanks
  8. The first shape is the one pep uses when trying to break down packed defences (against Huddersfield at start of season) but overall they look pretty nice. Any player instructions for either of the tactics?
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