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  1. Tighter marking will bring your team out shape. If the players that your players are marking, are roaming, then your guys will follow them around (at least to some extent). They'll also risk being skinned more easily.
  2. What he said ^^^ You say, that you want the team to keep shape, but the BMW will do exactly the opposite? Why not an 'ordinary' CMD? In FM15, they tend to sit slightly deeper than in FM14, and he'd cover for the CD's, as well as help maintaining shape... Could also try to use "Close down less" TI. I know it's probably one of the least used TI's in the game, but this time 'round I've found that it really helps defensive compactness, and makes your side really, really tough to break through! It's not like your players will never tackle or engage, but they'll wait untill they have a more than 50/50 chanche of winning the ball Good for keeping shape, but requires patience as it's obviously not so good for breaking up play high and fast
  3. Just click the "Download PC version" button in steam Works just fine on my mac... I had the same worries but after trying, no worries
  4. Supposedly so... and what Lahm/Alaba sometimes did at Bayern last season
  5. True that! Team cohesion plays a vital role in FM, and also, to play like most of Mourinho's teams throughout history, you need physically super humans! At least to some extent... He's ALWAYS had at least half his team being muscular and stamina superior
  6. But if it's someone's first FM experience, they wouldn't know what to do with a bunch of sliders with settings from 1-20 either! A helluva lot easier to decipher single terms like DLF or F9, than trying to make out what slider A does with value X, combined with slider B, value Y and vice versa I also like the fact that with the roles, SI are able to code in some very specific behaviours for each role. With the code-wise complexity of an application as the ME, these specific behaviours wouldn't be possible with 'role creators' or slider only interface. There's no way the behaviour of the Halfback could've been implemented with a tickbox/slider thingie, making it also available to all other roles/positions. The amount of combinations and code-wise knockoff-effects would make the ME a crazily unstable experience if SI tried to incorporate all the specific role behaviours in a user-controlled setup. Try playing around with even the simplest code language, and you'll quickly see what kind of complex creation the ME is. Everything has to be balanced, all settings taken into account, all 'ghost' behaviour from unknown knockoff effects eliminated, and so on... With roles, SI can easily make a Busquets type of behaviour available to everyone, and make sure the role behaves like that! Imagine the amount of permutations if all roles/positions would have to have this kind of behaviour available? Make an MC perform the same way, or all players at once? Who should then split to make way for the HB's drop deep move? Also why not make him cut inside like an inverted wingback while we're at it! Oh, and Regista him a bit too, so he wanders off and gets playmaking status too. In fact, if we F9 him, he'd probably go even deeper than usual. How'd that work out! Actually I'd like all of my midfield players to do the same. What's that ME? Creating unrealistic/illogical decisions? Crazy results? Players acting unrealistic even though I told very specifically how to behave with only 100 settings and instructions? Damn you SI, for making the ME such an unrealistic experience
  7. It's always a balance with pros & cons, but very rigid will (among other things) lower the creative freedom of players, so they are more apt to follow the managers instructions more strict, instead of getting bright ideas of their own. I'm not a very rigid kind'a manager my self, but the OP's requirements seem to point in a very rigid direction
  8. Ok, getting closer to an understanding of what you're after ;-) In that case loose the direct passing. All mentalities will play the counter by default when it is ON as you say I do think however that your approach will find it very hard to create goals attackwise, with that much 'safety' in the attacking play. But you can definately come close to that style of play! Go defensive/counter, and very rigid to stay deep and keep formation. Use TI's drop deep (much deeper?), stick to position, more disciplined to enhance formation strictness. Pass shorter, retain possesion, play out of defence, perhaps also lower tempo to keep the ball in your own ranks. Mix with PI's fewer risky balls, dribble less where applicable and appropiate (I'd do it with the fullbacks and DMC's especially. But any position can take it depending on your formation). And as mentioned before, use OI's to tight mark, close down, and perhaps tackle hard ('tackle hard' depending on your preference of style) on opponents POSITIONS, and NOT individual players, and only opponents attacking positions. Mind you, that with that many players in your own half, and a "don't loose the ball and open behind us" mindset, the opponent will be in a VERY good position to snatch the ball away from you right after your own "ball stealing", if you don't put players forward and risk just a little bit in a fast transition! There'll be no one to pass to up the field, and no one will have the tactical liberty to play the long/through ball and the opponent will have plenty of players around your own guys!
  9. The level may not have changed, not may it need change if only the content of the current level has changed if you know what I mean... In the video, we see some brief desciptions of player roles (also the 'old' ones, not just the new breed), and those are NOT the same descriptions as we have now in FM14. So maybe the quantity of documentation won't change, but if the current descriptions gets better wording, then I'm sure it'll help too
  10. Ok, here's an update... I found my own theory so interesting, that I had to try it out with my own Spurs side in 2018 against Newcastle in the PL, playing at their so called 'fortress' Just posted it in another thread, but I think it is also relevant for this thread as this is where I initially posted the theory: Some of the adjustments I made during the match was to move the AMC into MC spot, with CM/A role. Had to move him back up to AMC though. Also moved the IF to WM spot, with a W/A role and tried out a DW on the other side. Now the initial WM had a cut inside PI, so his WB/A behind him could come into play, but neither WB played a big part offensively. That is something I'll have to work on. On the other hand, they both still performed to 7.2 and 7.1 respectively so they did a good job still. And the goal came from an interception by an ageing Honda as DM/S, playing a quick direct long ball over the head of the few remaining MC's and DC's, for our striker to latch onto, giving him a free 1-1 which he rocketed into the net
  11. Just tried to achieve something similar (though not the part with one player pressing). It started in the "Emulating Jose Mourinho" thread which you can also read. Trying to achieve a compact, deep, defensive side, that only starts pressing in our own half. This is what I did: In that case try going with something along the lines of: Defensive/counter, very rigid, drop deeper, direct passes, stick to positions, stuck in, and then use positional OI's to close down all opponents attacking positions within your own half and NOT individual opponent players. I chose EVERYTHING in positional OI's for opponents AML, AMR, AMC, ST, MCL, MCR in their 4-2-3-1 formation. That is: Tight marking, close down, tackle hard. We initially deployed a sort of 4-2-1-2-1 with a flat back four, two DM's (DM/S & BWM), one WM, one AMC (AM/S), one IF/A (roaming) and a single striker (initially DLF/A). Now, I've only tried this in one match so far, but it was relatively successful, winning me a 0-1 win away, in a VERY Chelsea'esque manner! The single goal being a 100% duplicate of Diego Costa's goal against Arsenal the other day. Otherwise the match panned out pretty much as expected. Opponents (Newcastle) had the majority of play and also shots, but all from the distance and no close calls what so ever. We (Spurs) on the other hand, stood deep, tackled and pressed heavily in our own half, retreated quickly when possesion was lost, and attacked extremely direct with somewhat long balls to flanks or single striker. This is obviously work in progress and many things were adjusted during the match, but the baseline stands and I'm definately going to play more with this. The controlled defensive pressing in own half looked great an our transition, while one-dimensional, also looked somewhat like 'the special one'. I also have a fairly strong squad, both in terms of physical strength and overall abilities and that helps of course. Especially the two DMC's and the striker need to have some physique I think.
  12. Have you guys experienced a takeover yet? I'm in 2018, and have just had an internal transfer embargo sat upon me in the january window. Rather annoying as I had €77 mill to spend and an urge to use at least some of if due to an incredible string of injuries... Levy told me to be patient while the board negotiates... Can I expect a takeover to be completed, and if so, what impact will that have on my transfer kitty? I don't expect my job to be in the danger zone as I've won the PL 3 out of 4 and the CL twice in that period :-S
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