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  1. Why not put it up for 'public' download so more of ud could give it a go? I'm really, really interested in seeing how you managed to get Xavi's pass amount up to that level
  2. When using v1 away from home, remember to tick counter attacks! This is highly effective against teams that are likely to come at you. And of course it's still important to set up your OI's correct too... Depending on the opposition attack it in fact help to raise the D-line instead of lowering it. This makes for a very compact area for the opposition to play in...
  3. Still does the trick for me! I've slightly changed the settings for V1 and I'm currently holding on to a fourth place in La Liga after 14 games with... GETAFE!!! I've also qualified through the group stage of the UEFA as group winner ahead of Palermo and Benfica amongst other, as well as I'm still alive in the Spanish cup. For those unknown to the Spanish league, this is quite an achievement! Getafe has a tiny transfer fund from the getgo (about 5 mill€) which is NOTHING in la liga! However the biggest problem is that no-one will come to Getafe, so it's basically the original squad. Th
  4. In my experience V1 doesn't work without opp instr. The OI 'forces' the fullbacks and MC's to come back and hunt down their targets when possesion is lost high upfield...
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