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  1. Denmark 2025 So after leaving Pahang in Malaysia, I joined Coventry in League two. Looking back now, I think it may have been a mistake on my part because it meant 6 years until I added to the challenges! Maybe I should have tried harder to head to Norway, Chile or South Africa. Either way, I have finally added some big scalps! After finishing 3rd in League Two, I managed to attract some good players into Coventry and win League one the season after. I went through my time there without doing any badges though. Purely down to the massive debt that they were in. Another error really. Should have remembered the absolute state that Coventry are in with their finances. Nottingham Forest came knocking though and I won the championship in my first season with them. They had money, a quality team and a very good youth setup so It was pretty routine to be challenging at least. During the Premiership season, I had pushed Forest to 8th in the league after 10 games. But then West Ham offered me an interview whilst they were sat in 16th. I couldn't say no to the opportunity with the players they had! I joined them and got given £35 million in January. This was more than enough for me to bring in what I needed and we finished 6th. Hello European football and even more cash! My second season with West Ham was a great one. Finishing 3rd in the league (Still 18 points off 1st). I managed to bring in some quality, young Argentinians who I'm sure you're all aware are a country that develop so many unbelievable players! Here's a couple below....Almada signed for £12m & Maldonado for £11m. During my time at West Ham, I took over the job at Senegal in which I won the African Cup of Nations in 2025. That 2024/25 season has been the catalyst for hitting into some of the required parts of the challenges. I managed to win the Premiership with the Hammers, along with the Champions League! In the domestic cups though....Wow.....Terrible runs. Couldn't win one. I have subsequently left West Ham and Senegal and have taken over the Denmark job during the World Cup 2026 qualifying stage. I thought I would qualify for the World Cup but a 92nd minute goal away at Italy meant I missed out on the 2nd place route by 1 point. Livid. I've now left Denmark and joined Rosenborg, in Norway. I've also managed to get my coaching badges done to the Continental B License level. P.s Cheers @Crispypaul!
  2. Pahang 2019 After getting bored of the A-Z challenge at letter G, I felt it was time for a long term challenge with some meaning, which landed me on this thread! Looking through some of your stories, I felt like I had to get involved ASAP. Using tips throughout the thread with regards to leagues to start with, not jumping to the first team that comes along etc, so I joined Pahang F.C of Malaysia. I've never managed a team like this on FM and was somewhat sceptical, but looking at the challenge ahead, I was sold! Joining after they had completed the regular season and finished a disappointing 8th, I took the reigns in time for the Malaysia Cup. I said to myself that this would be the "learning about my players stage". It didn't take long for me to release 12 players that just didn't fit into the way I like to play. A straight 4-4-2 with wingers coming inside on their opposite foot and a solid back 4 that pretty much stuck to their positions. I always go this way when it comes to a new team, just so I can suss out what I can improve and who can adapt if need be. The Malaysia Cup didn't really throw up any surprises as I got knocked out in the QF after winning 1-0 at Home, but went Away and lost 4-2. I was made 3rd fav for the Super League at the start of the season after getting rid of so much dead wood (I don't like having players over the age of 32). I used some reasonable finances in place to bring in a whole new midfield. The delved into the free transfer market for my back line. The season started of relatively well with my boys winning 3 out of the first 4 games. Then it came to the FA cup. I expected my team to at least get to the final, but through no fault but my own, we got knocked out in the QF on away goals. I should have read the rules, I Know . A 1-1 draw away from home then followed up with a 3-3 draw at Home. I had got a point in the game where I thought I should hold out for ET or Pens due to a red card. Boom. I was out. My league form stuttered a bit after the cup run, with Pahang only getting 5 wins from 10 games, including 3 losses. Johor DT & Perak had built a solid gap. I had to do something in the mid-season transfer window, so I brought In 6 new players and sold 5. Most of which weren't my choice! "I want to be challenging for the title and I can't realistically do that here" were the cries of those players. Well....Off they went. Good riddance! After holding the two at the top to draws at home, I knew it was up to them to chuck it away. And did they ever do that! We went on to win the final 6 games of the season, whereas Perak only won 1 of their final 6 and Johor only won 3. The title was ours! The Malaysian Cup is ours too! Used the league form and beat Johor DT 2-1 in the final. I'm not sure what the next plan is but I can imagine the Asian Champions League is going to be near impossible to win with a Malaysian team. The annoying thing now, is that Austin Amatu wouldn't sign a new contract and has elected to leave. Time to find a replacement who can score the goals he did!
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